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Your Superpower…Positive Words

By August 12, 2018Be Inspired, Divas Who Pray

Hello Divas!!

As always I hope you all are living your best life, filled with healthy lifestyle choices, joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment.

The month of July is always an exciting month for me, mainly because of my two favorite summer holidays…4th of July and my birthday!  😀  Speaking of my birthday…

Here is a little embarrassing secret…okay you ready…don’t tell anyone…but when I was little my favorite super hero character was…….wait for it……Wonder Woman!  😆 



Yes, I loved Wonder Woman. Every birthday I had to have a Wonder Woman themed party. This went on every year until I was about six years old. I finally stopped when one of my guest came to my party and said, “Not Wonder Woman again!”  😯 

I still secretly love Wonder Woman and I also secretly wish I had a super power. As I was thinking about what super power I would like…it hit me…I do have a superpower, and so do you. 

We have the Power of Our Words.

Words have the power to build up or tear down, it can uplift a city or destroy a nation. Words can give life or take it away…that is powerful.

How are you using your words? What words to you use to describe yourself and others in your life?

The bible has several (like a whole LOT) scriptures that teaches about what is spoken out of our months, power of the tongue, and confession.

For the sake time (smile) let’s focus on one of these scriptures…

Ephesians 4:29 – “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Now although this scripture is telling the reader how to control what is said to others, let’s also note this can be applied to what we say to and about ourselves.

During the FFF Live Conference this summer, we had the opportunity to have Goo-Goo Atkins as one our speakers.

Side note: I LOVE HER!!! She is so real and open. She doesn’t know me but we’re friends.  😉 😆 

Okay, back to the topic at hand 🙂 during her session, she talked about words of affirmation. Basically, she wanted to help us to be mindful about what we are speaking about ourselves.

She made sure each lady had a mirror and instructed us to look in the mirror and speak positive words about ourselves.

Now this was not as easy as it might sound. For one thing, it made me (personally) feel a little uncomfortable. In all honestly it was hard. At that moment I realized that I was more comfortable saying negative things about myself than positive – SHOCKER!   If you would like to get the full professionaly shot video of her talk at the Fit, Fyne & Fabulous conference (click here).

I have always tried to speak positively about others and build others up, however I don’t think I was doing the same for Cil.

Ladies, what we think and say about ourselves are words that travel to our ears (and others) goes into our thoughts, and those words plant seeds into our mind (our spiritual heart). What happened when you plant a seed? Well you water it and it will grow and produce fruit.

The same happens when we speak negative or positive words about others and ourselves. Those words are heard by the listener and a seed is planted. We will begin to believe what we have heard.


Okay, I want to give you (and myself) a little challenge for the rest of  this month.

Every day take a few minutes to think about one positive word (just one word Divas LOL) about yourself…even if you don’t believe it to be true.

Write your word down and then say it out loud. Keep this word with you and speak it every time put something in your mouth.

For example….my word of the day is ‘Pleasant’.

I will write it down somewhere (in my planner, on a sticky note and put it on my computer, or even make it a screen saver). You need to see this word (seeing and hearing the word is important).

When I brush my teeth, I will look in the mirror and say, “You are Pleasant”.
When I take my first sip of coffee, or eat my breakfast, I will say, “Cil you are Pleasant”.

You can even build on it as the day goes on. For example, “Cil you are a pleasant person to be around.” But before you began to add to your word, start off with just saying what you are (or what you want to become).

Note: Try not to say things like, “I will try to be pleasant”. Something happens in our brains with we say we will ‘try’ to do something. It relays the message that you are not sure, or totally committed.

Matthew 15:11 says, “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them”.

Ladies, let’s start allowing God’s Word and positive words of affirmation to come out of our mouth, and see what happens.

I believe we will begin to believe it and see changes in our lives, and the lives of those in our sphere of influence. Because you know when God begins to do a work in your life, it will affect the lives of those around you…don’t believe me…try it out…it can’t hurt right?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for life and the ability to grow closer to the woman you have created us to be.  We know that our words have power, therefore please help us to choose our words carefully. Help us to speak positive words about ourselves and those around us. Guard our hearts and our mouths so that we may represent Christ in our communications.


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  • Barbara Jones says:

    This was a great message. I will find the positive word to say about swimming so that I will be able to conquer this take. Thank you this wonderful word.

  • Natasha Shank says:

    Thanks Cil. That was a great message of positivity. I for one will incorporate a positive word into my daily routine. I live to inspire others but I times I find, just as you said, not taking the time to do the same for myself. Again, thanks Sis.

    • Cil says:

      You are so welcome Natasha! Thanks for accepting the challenge. I would love to hear how it goes.
      Lots of Love

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    This was a great message. We tend to say positive things to and about others. However, we are quick and comfortable saying negative things about ourselves. Thanks.Cel

  • Lakeisha Walker says:

    Challenge accepted! I, too, love Goo Goo and enjoyed her at the FFF live conference. I, too , grew up loving WONDER WOMAN and still do today. Thank you for bringing positivity to the forefront

    • Cil says:

      Hey Lakeisha! Isn’t Goo Goo the coolest?! And I can’t believe I’m not the only Wonder Woman fan…LOL! Thanks for sharing and commenting.
      Lots of Love

  • Coach Twy says:

    I’m totally doing this!! My word for today is POWERful! Nicole you are powerful!

  • Celestine Jackson says:

    Awesome word!! I agree, we’re so busy uplifting others we tend to forget about ourselves. ..and like you, I’m finding it’s difficult to come up with a word!🤔 but I did after much thought. My word is Determined!

    • Cil says:

      Hey Celestine! I love that word determined!!! I am changing my word to Fearless for this week. Keep me in prayer.
      Lots of Love

  • Chantell says:

    Inspiring and powerful. The FFF platform is amazing and certainly God sent and God centered. Blessings to this Diva hood!

  • LaDonya says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. My word is Connected..

    • Cil says:

      Hi LaDonya!
      Wow…connected…now I like that. I’m sure you have a very interesting story behind it. I pray your Word changes your World.
      Lots of Love

  • Amen! Wonderful and inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing! Speak life forceexare more than conquers through Jesus Christ!

    • Cil says:

      You are so welcome…I give God all the Glory! We are definitely conquers through Christ Jesus!
      Lots of Love

  • Jennifer says:

    Great read. It was very inspiring and uplifting. My word is resilient.

  • Cynthia Griffin says:

    Wonderful message. I love encouraging and building others. I certainly could improve in the area of speaking positive of self. My word….capable!

    • Cil says:

      Amen Cynthia!
      Capable – yes you are! I love your word…I pray that your Word changes your World
      Lots of Love

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