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10 DAY MEAL PREP CHALLENGE: Interested or Committed?

By December 8, 2020January 31st, 202410 Day Meal Prep Challenge

Are you ready to get on track with your weight loss goals before SPRING 2024?  We have 13 weeks, and I’m up for this challenge, and because you made it to this page, I think you are too!

I have created this FREE 10 Day Meal Prep Challenge to help you get started on your journey QUICKLY!  Starting  Today, “Getting Started Day”  you will learn how we assist divas in getting results, without pills, potions, magic shakes or waist trainers! 



  • Read and commit to doing your Easy Diva Assignment each of the 10 days! Don’t worry, they won’t be hard!
  • Make time for yourself!  Dedicate the next 10 days FOR YOU!!  Declare & Decree it sis.
  • Get accountability partners!  One of the best ways to guarantee your success is to do the Challenge with a group or at least with one other person.  It will help keep you motivated.  Grab her make sure she is on board too. We are better together!
  • Get the tools you need to get organized & READY to succeed!  Here are a few that you may or may not already have on hand. Try to pick them up soon! (click here) Did you know as a member of our sisterhood, you receive 15% off everything in our Diva Shop? You also get free shipping on anything over $75!  Post in the Membership Only group or email us at [email protected] for the PROMO code!
  • You can also view the tools we recommend to our sisterhood by visiting our Amazon page (CLICK HERE) to visit!


(CLICK HERE) to watch how the challenge works

Each day of the Challenge you will receive an email that points you to your Diva Assignments for the day. So, be sure to add [email protected] to your address book to ensure you receive the emails.  Be sure to check your “Promotions, or Junk, or Spam, or Bulk” tabs in the event you are unable to find the email. If you need help at any time email [email protected] someone from our Diva Support Squad will assist you promptly.


Diva Assignment #1:
It’s time to make a commitment sis!! No, we don’t start with meal plan. We solidify our commitment first! So are you committed or merely interested? Watch this quick video and comment below!! WHICH ONE ARE YOU BOO?

Diva Assignment #2
If you said, you’re committed (WHICH WE HOPE YOU TRULY ARE), I’m gonna need that on wax! I need you to complete our Fit, Fyne & Fabulous commitment contract & SIGN IT!!! Watch this quick video on how to complete your Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Commitment contract (click here), then complete your own which is included in our Healthy Habits Wellness Planner, turn to page 13 in your planner and complete the commitment contract while you watch this video! 


Diva Assignment #3:
Read pages 1-8 of the “10 Day Meal Prep Challenge” Book. Begin to understand more about how this challenge works by reviewing the first 8 pages. If you are starting a healthy journey without making commitments, planning or goal setting FIRST, just throw the WHOLE JOURNEY AWAY sis!
In Fit, Fyne & Fabulous our secret sauce is PLANNING and ACCOUNTABILITY

BONUS & Optional Diva Assignment 4
If you wanna join our Social Media challenge and win ONE of our free prizes this week, complete this optional task as well. Winners will be announced On #WinningWednesdays Here’s today’s assignment. Right click and save the image below to your phone or computer. Then upload it to your person FB, Twitter and/or IG and tag Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. In order to qualify you must also post this on your personal social media, not JUST in our groups.

Use these words with your post: Just copy paste sis. “I am a person of ACTION! I WILL REACH MY GOALS, because I am planning for them with GREAT intention! You see, excellence is NOT one thing you do sis; Excellence is a HABIT; and, I am building life long healthy habits with my Fit Fyne & Fabulous Diva Sisters! ” #sisterhood #divahood #mealprepLIFE #SpringtimeFYNE #thefitfynefablife #fitfynefab #fullycommitted Tag me on IG @fit_fyne_fab Twitter @fitfynefabulous or FB Nicole Dyer-Twyman







“Who Says Fitness Can’t be Fabulous?”

You can reach out to me here:
Twitter: @fitfynefabulous
Instagram: @fit_fyne_fab
Personal Facebook: Nicole “Coach Twy” Dyer-Twyman
Private FREE Facebook Group: Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Divas


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