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Get the Tools You will Need to Get Started (“30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge”)

Hi Diva,

It’s an exciting time in Fit, Fyne & Fabulous!!! It’s been years since we hosted a Sugar Detox challenge, and I am over the top to do it again!  You’ll love it here, so please be active, join in, participate and get MORE than your money’s worth!

This post was written to share the main tools I recommend for long term success to living a healthy life. You are welcome to share this link with anyone!  The tools apply all year long. These are the exact tools that are in my kitchen!


  1. Meal Prep Challenge Book by Coach Twy & published via Amazon (BEST SUGAR DETOX WE OFFER)
    This is my new 5-star, Amazon Best Seller (in 3 categories) that has been reviewed by 150 divas; many of which have seen double digit weight loss. But more importantly, they’ve regained control of the habits that lead to living a more healthy life. It’s a mandatory tool to help you continue on your journey after this challenge is over! If you already have it, the sugar detox in this book is the best we have in our database, PERIODT (CLICK HERE) to grab it now.
  2. Mag07 – For divas with digestion & sleep issues
    I take Mag07 most nights because I have a slow digestive tract. Without taking a magnesium supplement I don’t normally go #2 everyday. If this is you, sis you’ve gotta try it. It’s my lifeline from feeling bloated and “backed up”   (CLICK HERE) I also recommend drinking a great night time herbal tea (all natural) to help you go without pain or stimulants (CLICK HERE)

  3. Kitchen Counter Recipe Binder with inserts
    As we work through the challenge, you will find recipes you absolutely love. Those are the recipes you need to print and add to your Kitchen Recipe Binder. This binder is divided with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack tabs.  Each recipe can be enclosed in a protective sleeve in the binder to keep it from getting dirty in the kitchen. This binder set comes with a laminated grocery list you can use over and over again and a dry erase marker. Make your grocery list with a reusable template, while you are using your binder to review your favorite recipes! I can’t underscore enough how important it is to have what’s healthy at your finger tips (CLICK HERE) to grab it now. 

  4. Measuring Tape
    The scale never tells the full story diva, but trust me when I say measuring tapes don’t lie. This retractable FFF tape allows you to lock in your number by locking the tape in place allowing for you to easily record your stat. It’s a still for under $5.00. (CLICK HERE) to grab it now!

  5. Nutrition Facts Food Scale
    I love this food scale because it does far more than weigh my meals. It tells me how many calories is in the food I’m weighing based on its weight!  I love it!  Don’t eyeball your food. Use this  food scale to see your complete nutrition facts for the food you are weighing. (CLICK HERE) to grab it now.

  6. Measuring Cup
    Get the recipe right, with the right measurements!  These magnetic cups are stainless steel and sturdy (CLICK HERE) to grab now.

  7. Measuring Spoons
    Just like measuring cups, measuring spoons help to ensure you get the recipe just right!  I have a set of spoons on a ring, so it makes them all easy to locate! (CLICK HERE) to grab now.

  8. Complete Non-Stick Cookware Set
    Sometimes that pancake, those omelettes, or that seared salmon doesn’t come out right because of the quality of your cookware sis. The pan might be too scratched and everything may stick to it. It might be time to upgrade. I did recently, and I AB-SO-LUTELY love this set. everything glides on it and cooks evenly even in the edges of the pan! YESSS!  (CLICK HERE) to see the brand and type of cookware I use.

  9. Silicone Cooking Utensils
    If you have a nice set of cookware, you don’t want to ruin them with stainless steel or hard plastic utensils.  These are the ones I purchased at the same time I purchased my cookware set in #7 above!  I love the handles! (CLICK HERE) to see the brand of utensils I have!

  10. Gallon Girl Water Bottle w/FREE measuring tape!
    It’s no secret, the way to flatter belly is through better digestion. Better digestion comes with eating healthier and drinking as close to a gallon of water day as you can!  (CLICK HERE) to join the Gallon Girl Gang now!!

  11. Nutri-bullet Blender
    I know some folks love spending hundreds and hundreds on that Vitamix, but I had one and sold it, because my Nutribullet did the same job or BETTER! I love that I can drink directly from the cup that I use to blend (less washing)! We drink a lot of smoothies in this house! CLICK HERE to see the 900 watt model I have!

  12. Nutri-bullet Food Processor
    I use this guy to make homemade salsa, guac, soup, and even salad dressings. I love it, never disappoints! (CLICK HERE) if you’re in the market for a good food processor.

  13. My Airfryer Oven Beloved
    If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I looooooove my Air Fryer oven! I can do so much with it, but I mostly just airfry shrimp and salmon on the regular. LOL! CLICK HERE to see the brand and model I have!
  14. Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Diva Box
    Get all the essentials you need (and more) in one box (CLICK HERE)


(Click here) to see all of the items that are recommended from workout gear to hair, to make up and even books!


  1. Make sure you are a member of our VIP Divahood Diamond FB GROUP if you are not already (click here)
  2. If you get nothing else from above, be sure you have your Sugar Detox Workbook! (click here)

Comment below if you’re in!!

I'm Declaring War on Sugar with the divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. My Health will be a Priority this month, and all year long!!! Click To Tweet


We all got WORK TO DO BOOOOOO! Let’s do it all together! #betterTOGETHER #thefitfynefablife #healthyHOLIDAY


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