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An Ancient Indian Clay Hair Detox

Hey Hey Hey, it’s coach Twy here, and you know we like to keep Fit with Workouts and Fyne with deliciously healthy food, but we don’t ever forget the Fabulous tho sis!  We love keeping it 100% FABU by sharing makeup, hair and even wardrobe tips with our divas!  Now make sure you don’t miss any of our FREE meal plans, workouts and fabulous tips by joining our mailing list (click here) if you haven’t already!

With all that is going on in this world, doing hair was not on the list, so sadly my daughter’s hair stayed in old two strand twists longer than I planned.  They were dry and needed a bit of manipulation to untwist since her hair tends to “loc”  pretty easily.  This was bad mommy mode indeed divas! Don’t be like me. Wash your baby hair, even during the pandemic. LOL!!


THE BEFORE PIC: Dry, tangled and ends are horrible! Bad Mommy!

She has extremely sensitive scalp, so I’m always over the top careful with what I put on her head, which is probably why I had not tried the Bentonite clay on her hair before.  

I wanted to try it on her finally for many reasons
1) we had extra time being on lock down and all
2) her hair was in urgent need of a moisture infusion! 

I just couldn’t believe how her dull, dirty hair was left luscious and moisturized by CLAY!  I mean Clay is dirt! I just don’t get it sis. It’s truly a miracle worker!  On top of that it made all her curls pop and what used to take a good hour to detangle; took a matter of minutes after the clay and WITH MY FINGERS no less!!

They say, when used for the hair, it’s thought that bentonite clay can offer deep moisture. This can be especially helpful if you have:

  • a dry scalp
  • dry or damaged hair
  • frizziness
  • heat damage
  • lack of shine

Aside from its moisturizing effects, bentonite clay may purportedly draw out excess dirt and oil as well. You can think of the mask as a shampoo and conditioner in one.

To date, there are few scientific studies to support the benefits of bentonite clay for the hair. One review published in the Iranian Journal of Public HealthTrusted Source found that bentonite clay can help make sheep wool grow quicker and softer.

I want you to experience the same results, so let’s get started with the process divas!


How to Make Our Fabulous Bentonite Clay Detox Mix

(Please note this same mix can be used on your face, armpits)

To start, I coated her hair with my Bentonite Clay mix. I purchased the clay from Amazon (click here)

To make the clay mix, make sure to use a non-metal bowl and Spoon (this is IMPORTANT or else the detoxing properties will be activated prior to placing the mix into your hair)

Mix equal parts clay with the Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) (click here) or water with the clay mix until it reaches a smooth yogurt consistency. You want the mix to be thick enough to coat the hair, but not too thick that it creates clumps.

When mixing, you will immediately see a chemical reaction between the clay and vinegar (fizzing and bubbling), so be prepared for that, it’s normal!



Please Note, You can apply the clay on dirty hair, no need to wash it first (I didn’t)


You really don’t need for the clay to sit longer than 20 minutes, but we did it for much long, because, again, we have time, LOL! While I applied the clay you could see her curls thank me in response. They were very bouncy and defined! Excited to see this and VERY IMPRESSED!! The curl snap back was REAL sis!


DURING: The clay has been applied and has dried a bit. It’s time to wash this out. she looks 100 years old with all this gray!

Rinse the hair until there’s no remnant of clay left. Once the water runs clean, and each strand of hair no longer has clay on it. Her her was manageable WITHOUT conditioner and was shiny WITHOUT oil. So awesome to see!

And that’s it sis!! The process is done! The once dirty hair is now detoxed, cleansed, and them curls are pop lock and droppin’! LOL

What To do After the Hair Detox

  1. I highly recommend a nice deep condition after the detox. Your will be so super clean and soft and will respond amazingly to a deep condition.I found a conditioner my entire house loves, and I HIGHLY recommend it, it’s a much buy divas (click here)! This conditioner makes me feel like I’ve put a texturizer on my hair! Super Silky!
  2. Rinse out your deep conditioner and apply your favorite oil and leave in conditioner. Hands down this is our favorite (click here). We use this to style the boys and the girls in this house!
  3. Detangle your hair using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush, my fav brush (click here)
  4. Style as desired!

AFTER! We detangled and blew dried her hair in prep for a birthday style we completed. Normally we don’t blow dry at all! Her hair is usually two strand twisted into a style for 2 – 3 weeks which allows us to retain length (low manipulation)

Thank you for reading and following Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment below. I would love to know if you plan to try this hair detox!  REMINDER: Make sure you don’t miss any of our FREE meal plans, workouts and fabulous tips by joining our mailing list (click here)



  • Jenn says:

    That’s almost exactly what I do. I also put essential oils and aloe gel in the mask.

    • Coach Twy says:

      That’s awesome awesome! We use our essential oils to help style, since the clay removes all dirt and oil fro the hair. Thank you so much for sharing!

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