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Apple Nachos

By September 5, 2017March 5th, 2021Recipes, Side / Snack, Vegetarian

Who needs something salty after they eat something sweet?
Who needs a healthy snack that is filling too?
This recipe is for you boo!

Totally guilt free too!

By the way, this apple wedger will make this recipe soooo simple:
(click here)

Apple Nachos
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  1. green apples (Lady Alice Red apples or Honey Crisp are so good in the fall)
  2. drizzled peanut or almond butter
  3. air popped popcorn w/sea salt
  4. peanuts, almonds, or walnuts
  5. optional: cacao or dark chocolate pieces or drizzle
  1. Slice fresh crisp green apples, and arrange on a large plate.
  2. Top with air-popped popcorn, your favorite nuts, such as; sliced almonds or peanuts, cacao nibs, or darks chocolate pieces.
  3. Drizzle with all-natural peanut, or almond butter.
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  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    Mmmm, I’m going to try this😊

  • Monica says:

    Does this serve one, cuz I have no intention on sharing this delight. Lil

    • Coach Twy says:

      hahaha, here’s the one serving snack size
      1 apple
      1 cup of popcorn
      1 Tbspn nuts
      1 tsp of nut butter (microwave and drizzle)

  • Garnett McNeill says:

    That looks so good. I have to share this with my daughter.

  • Celestine Jackson says:

    Yummers!!!! This was my alternative to eating buttered popcorn at the movies!! Mmm…It’s so good and healthier too!!!! 😊😋

  • Trinity Hollins says:

    This has to be hands down one of my favorite snacks!!!!! The popcorn mixed with the juicy apples along with sea salt and chocolate!!!! Hmm Hmmm good! A mouth full of explosive goodness. I am so serious ya’ll that is how much I enjoyed this and so did my boys! You have to try this!

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    This was so good. Who know that this combination could be so tasty and satisfying.

  • Jennifer says:

    This saved my life when I had to go to a birthday party and was surrounded by cake, cake pops, candy, pizza, etc. I put my apple nachos in a to go container, put that in my purse, and walked right into the party. I didn’t even miss eating the cake. I call this my super hero snack!

  • Priscilla says:

    OMG!!! This is the absolute best snack ever!!! Had just the right combination of sweet and salty…a healthier snack alternative that your kids will LOVE!!

  • Monique McCoy says:

    Looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Maria H Tabb says:

    Apple Nachos for the win!!! This is so easy to make and the entire family loves them! You can’t go wrong with this snack. Honey crisp are our favorite apples for this recipe! You gotta try it!

  • Varelle says:

    This is so delicious. I also really enjoyed making it.

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