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Blooming Seaux Fab Florals

By May 27, 2017Seaux Seaux Fab

Spring is in bloom and seaux are floral patterns in fashion. The spring trend of florals are every where from clothes to shoes to accessories and I’m here for it Divas!


Floral Print Clothing

Ladies when trying to pick out the right floral pattern for me I tend to gravitate towards floral patterns with a dark background. However, the key component is the fit and material. If I’m wearing a blazer or pants with prints then the goal is to look for structured pieces.

Divas, I like to pair the floral prints with basics such as black pants and tops or jeans.

Floral blazer click here

Floral shirt click here

I have curves and flaunt them in florals! -Cree Click To Tweet

Floral Print Accessories

Everyone that knows me know that I lovvvvvvvveee accessories. What better way to save on money by making a new look with accessories! I must admit that I was intimidated by the floral trend; so, I dipped my foot in the pond with a floral collar.

Wearing a collar can definitely change up a look. Pairing it with basic round neck t-shirt or sweater is ideal.

Floral collar click here

More floral accessories

Floral necklace click here

Floral sandals heels click here

Floral sandals flats click here

Divas, its true we are all conscious about our shapes; but, it doesn’t mean we can’t be on trend. Step out on faith and try new trends, what’s the worst that could happen….it doesn’t look right…..wellllll make it work by getting it altered or give it to a friend (I do this alot…my friends love it 😕  🙂 )

Until we style again!


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