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DAY 10 of the 10 Day Meal Prep Challenge For Intermittent Fasting Divas!

By June 12, 2020April 7th, 20234 Week Virtual Accountability Group

Now wait on stinking thinking minute, sis, wow! How did it get to be Day 10 already? I have so enjoyed seeing your posts with the wonderfully delicious meals that YOU prepared, wonderful tracking you’ve done to collect data about your body, and of course those NSVs make us SO SO SO HAPPY!!


Listen diva before you go, I wanted to share a bit more about what was intended for these first 10 days of your experience with Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. So pull up sis.. 
The 1st 10 Days…  was intended to break you body’s addiction to sugar and sugar substitutes via a sugar detox. It was my intent to show you that the old adage is TRUE where your mind goes, YOUR. BODY. FOLLOWS. You turned away from added sugar and it turned away right with you (yeah you had some withdrawals, but look how quickly they went away!!!!)

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was to help walk you through organizing your thoughts and mind around making yourself a priority, putting Y-O-U first. The importance of setting aside time for YOU vs everyone else is KEY to building healthy habits.

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to see that basic is GOOD too! Far to0 often, we see these pretty meal prep pics of food that takes an hour to prepare. My goal was for you to see that you can eat good, clean wholesome meals your family will enjoy in 20 minutes or less. Stop having food pic envy, LOL!

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to face the body you have and love it as it is. Take a pic of it, measure it, weigh it and not feel a ways. I want you to know that you are empowered to change it if you don’t LIKE what you see. But we must love who we are, arthritic knees, back fat, belly rolls, tiger stripes and all; or honest to GOD sis, WHO WILL!! For REAL!

Doubt kills more dreams than Failure Ever Will! Click To Tweet

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to see that we are better together! It’s not motivation or will power you lack, it’s support!! We are made to commune, to partner up. It’s no coincidence that GOD gave Adam his Eve, sis! We were designed to partner up and bare each other’s burdens. There’s a reason it feels better with a partner, and with a diva crew. It’s how we were DIVINELY created!!

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to see that you don’t have to have it all together all at once! You can meal prep but still need to work on sleep. You can sleep great but still need to work on workouts. You don’t have to have a solid plan for it all to begin, but you have to START to win!(even if its just a little bit at a time). One habit at a time!

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to see that without planning, we are left to whatever the world places before us. Whatever is left in the vending machine, whatever is left in cafeteria, whatever we see in the drive thru on the way home. Without proper planning, you are doomed to repeat bad patterns. Society makes it easier to eat junk, stay unhealthy, see the doctor, have a medical bill, pay the bill, go back, get prescription, pay the drug store, keep it going… NOW, you’re a part of the medical economy. Break out NOW! Chart your own healthy path sis – it’s cheaper! TRUST!

The 1st 10 Days… My intent was for you to see that failure is a part of the process. You will miss a meal, eat badly, miss a workout, drink ZERO ounces of water, it happens. Forgiveness, grace, and commitment goes a long way. Have your moment, and then move on. Sometimes we treat our failures (which was meant as a lesson on what needs improvement) as a FULL ON 25 YEARS TO life sentence. We end up believing we are that mistake; see COACH I told you… I can’t meal prep, I don’t drink that much water ever, I don’t… Girl stop! You can, and will be a new creature, in Christ, if that is YOUR desire. Fail Forward Boo! Fail Forward into the New You!

Fit, Fyne & Fabulous supports you sis!

Sometimes we treat our failures (which was meant as a lesson on what needs improvement) as a life sentence. Fail Forward Boo! Fail Forward into the New You!#intermittentfasting #sugardetox #FITFYNEFAB Click To Tweet


1. So, tell me, how did I do? Leave me a comment below and let me know if my intentions came to reality for you in this challenge. Let me know if there’s anything you would like to see me START. STOP. or even CONTINUE doing in our challenges! Lord, I LOVE FEEDBACK, it’s how I grow and get better sis.

2. Now, how did you do? Take a look at your Diva Tracker in your book or in your planner (whichever you chose to use) It should be filled with your progress this week, right? Take a moment to grade yourself on each category. Take a pic and post it in the group. Tag your partner, let’s see your progress sis!

3. Review next week’s meal plan. Choose the 4-5 meals you will enjoy next week. Using page 28 of your book as a guide, create a meal plan for next week. Post your meal plan in the group and tag me and your partner sis.
4. If you haven’t already, I would love it if you took the time to leave me a review on Amazon!  If you enjoyed this program (click here) let the world know how we do in Fit, Fyne & Fabulous for me sis.

5. If you plan on participating in the social media contest, save the “this  scale doesn’t show my NSVs” image below to your computer or your phone and post it on your IG and on your personal FB page (don’t forget to tag me) with the following message “After today, I will have completed 10 days with the fabulous divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. Tomorrow, is our 1st “STAT”-urday, where I am weighing and measuring my progress. But what I know for sure, no matter what the scale says, I have have so many NON-Scale victories (NSVs), I already feel like a winner! For example, I am more aware of added sugars, I’m drinking more water, I’m encouraging myself when I feel down, I have more energy, I’m sleeping more, I’m working out more, I’m enjoying food again! #IWIN #10daymealprepCHALLENGE #thefitfynefablife”

P.S.  IMPORTANT: Please add [email protected] to your address book to ensure you receive all of our challenge emails! It’s time to get started diva!

Live fabulously,
Nicole “Coach Twy” Twyman
“Who Says Fitness Can’t be Fabulous?”

You can reach out to me here:
Twitter: @fitfynefabulous
Instagram: @fit_fyne_fab
Facebook: Nicole “Coach Twy” Dyer-Twyman
Private Diva Group: Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Divas

Please Note Divas:
If you have any food allergies, digestion issues related to produce or medical issues* that don’t allow you to eat in this way, this isn’t the challenge for you. For example: If you are on medication that limits your intake of vegetables due to vitamin K or have a digestive disorder, this may not be the challenge for you. If you are a diabetic or have blood pressure issues, discuss the pros and cons of a plant-based diet with your doctor or a nutritionist before trying this challenge.

*Medical Disclaimer: If there is any reason why you should not change your diet and how you normally eat due to an ailment, pregnancy, blood sugar issues, chronic illness, allergies or other medical issue, Do Not participate in this challenge. If you have trouble digesting raw or cooked fruits and veggies, this is not the challenge for you. When in doubt, speak with your doctor before joining any weight loss challenge or before starting ANY eating plan/diet.


  • Latoya says:

    I did great with the eating part and improving on the exercise and water!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 To God be the glory! Got a bike after 33 years without one. Have the support of this group but also my family which is awesome!! I am amazed at how much support love and results come when we follow the plan and the leader!

  • Sonia Hart says:

    You are godsend Nicole! I am so motivated by your energy and dedication to help so many women live healthier lives.This was a good week! I was successful at intermittent fasting and was able to get back on track with working out. That is my non scale victory for the week.

  • Trinity Hollins says:

    This was a great jump start to me getting back to my healthy lifestyle journey. I know for a fact that if I don’t meal prep, I won’t eat at all or make some not so healthy choices. I love the fact that I was consistent in both areas of eating and working out. I usually do one or the other with eating healthy being the later. I loved learning about the different supplements and understanding what works for my body. This was a great start Nicole and I feel less bloated and moody. I’m making myself a priority again and able to say no, I will not eat that and I have to get this workout in for my own sanity as well as meditation and reading my word. Keep it up Nicole, don’t stop having certain intentions for us and the group. You have to be INTENTIONAL and consistent in order to be successful and that is what you do for this group. Continued blessings!

  • British says:

    This week was definitely the reset I was looking for! I thrive with structure and you provided just that. I could have been more creative with my meals but the meals of yours I copied on Thursday and the detox water helped me tremendously on Thursday and Friday. I did not learn about supplements and the use of detox tea. I saw them being used but there was no education provided that I am aware of. Maybe that’s coming for those of us who signed up for 30 or 90 days?

    • Margo says:

      Coach you did exactly what you said you would do and more!! I’ve joined a few other fitness groups but they don’t have the high energy vibe of you and this group!!! I love it!!! The Sleep Challenge had me sold. And I loved how you separated out the different health areas letting us know which one was more important. I hadn’t looked at it that way or had anyone explain it that way. I used to brag that I only needed 3 hours of sleep and could function. Smh….I look at sleep in an entirely new way working towards my 7 hours a night. This is also the first program of about 4 that I’ve tried over rhe last 2 years that actually took some pounds off in record time!! I could go on and on but will end this by saying keep doin whatchu doin and thank you for this wonderful, high energy, fitness focused group soror!!! Oh and I love what everyone else has said about you❤️

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    Nicole you definitely succeeded in what you set out to do. I needed to refocus and get back to the basics and this challenge helped me to do that. Each time I participate in a challenge I learn new information and I learn something new about myself. Planning my meals is a MUST (which is the fun part for me), having my food available and accessible has helped me to complete this challenge and will help me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Loving myself is a priority and there is more than one way to do that; I love myself when I eat healthy, I feel better when I eat healthy, I’m a strong & powerful woman, I’m a woman seeking improvement by learning from my failures and picking myself up. Thanks Nicole you make being healthy easy.

    • Coach Twy, I thank you for Blessing me with all the tools and valuable information. On this healthy lifestyle journey I learned so much. There are many factors that affect my mindset, nutrition, sleep, sugar intake, water, food, and daily exercise. The challenges helped me to reach my SMART goals. The sisterhood and my accountability partner helped to keep me focused. Thank you for a jumpstart to better Health❤️

  • Tynica says:

    My Nola girl is bomb as we would say back home. I have watched FitFyne&Fabulous grow into an unstoppable supportive group for women of all different walks of life. The support, the recipes, the clear clarified instructions in her book makes the process of moving forward to a healthier lifestyle very motivating. I’ve completed several challenges which brought continued success to my fit life, but with this quarantine the structure and my healthy eating became a big problem. I thank you Nicole for helping me reset my priorities and learning how to be persistent and consistent regarding my health and first and foremost learning how to eat healthier again. I am on my way to losing my remaining 11lbs. Thank you my favorite fit sister and keep up the great work!!!

  • Michelle Smith says:

    Coach Twy, you are amazing! You did wonderful by me and I thank you for that. With your detailed and step by step directions, and most importantly making us plan first was a winner in my book. You have me looking at my sleep and my morning and bedtime routines way different.
    I believe I did pretty darn good! With the help of my partner, your many emails and message reminders as well as a support group of other amazing women, there was no way I could not NOT do my best to stay the course. Thank you for this amazing jumpstart to see my health needs in a different light.

  • Georgette Thompson says:

    Coach, you exceeded your intentions for me in this challenge.
    Thank you.

  • Varelle Green says:

    @coach Twy you did an amazing job with the 10 day sugar detox. My eyes were truly opened on how bad I have been to my body. During this week I didn’t do as well as I would hope due to some financial reasons but I decided to give myself grace. I have fallen but I will not stay there.

  • Coach Twy, I thank you for Blessing me with all the tools and valuable information. On this healthy lifestyle journey I learned so much. There are many factors that affect my mindset, nutrition, sleep, sugar intake, water, food, and daily exercise. The challenges helped me to reach my SMART goals. The sisterhood and my accountability partner helped to keep me focused. Thank you for a jumpstart to better Health❤️

  • Mona Dixon says:

    @Coach Twy These 2 weeks has been amazing meeting all my expectations. Never before have I been in a program where ther was so much love, partnership, and sisterhood all encouraging each other to success. This really was impressive to me. You did that Coach! With your help I was able to meet my weight loss plans by putting in place the belief in myself ,commitment, sisterhood for support ,and encouragement. This is a game changer for me. These good habits I will now incorporate in others areas in my life. Nothing to change just keep it going. Thank you for all you are doing in the behalf of women all over.

  • Michelle Williams says:

    @ Coach Twy you did an excellent job with the challenge. I like the way the Diva tasks were broken down each day for us so that we knew exactly what we needed to do. I do wish that we were able to access the meal planner and habits tracker when we started the challenge. Perhaps those can be sent out when they are assigned during the challenge. I absolutely loved how you made sure we were focusing on ourselves. I learned that meal planning isn’t as hard as I thought it was. But most importantly, you helped me realize that it’s okay not to be good at everything at once. I’m taking baby steps so that I can have a lifetime impact on my health!

  • Georgette Thompson says:

    This is my 2nd time participating in the Sugar Detox Challenge. The plan works if you stay focused and stick to it. Put yourself first and trust the process. Thank You @coachtwy

  • Winona Thompson says:

    In grading Coach Twy, I give her an A+. She did an excellent job in meeting all her intentions. I am thankful to her for all she does. Thank you Coach.

  • Margo says:

    Definitely and A+!! This challenge started with mindset which set the tone for me to be able to complete the 10 days. I pretty much eat this way anyway, but there were things I could tweak and I learned new tools to use. For example, I learned that our body likes a rhythm when it comes to food. Coach Twy’s positive, upbeat and encouraging personality was also key in keeping g me on track!! I recommend this program hands down!!!

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