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Ohhhhh, what a day it is to announce such a sweet victory!  Well while this diva was working on her Doctorate, she joined one of our fitness accountability groups!  She shared that she would often times put her workouts and meal planning BEFORE her dissertation!  Someone was on a mission hunty; besides, there’s no need of a diploma if you’re not healthy enough to use it!

This soon to be doctor was ready hunty!  While KATRINA HUBBARD was not the overall winner of challenge, she did lose the MOST INCHES AND POUNDS COMBINED of the divas who decided to participate in the monetary portion of the challenge.

Katrina lost 8.75 inches and 4 pounds in 4 weeks!! I know she is happy she invested those $30 to enter the money pot, as NOW, she get gets it back with INTEREST!!

Congrats Katrina we are so excited to celebrate you!!!!  The best is yet to come.  Keep moving and eating clean.  We look forward to seeing you continue shrinking in our next challenge!


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