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Got Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!

You have come to the right place…..Everything you need is right here!!!

FFF offers an array of Frequently Asked Questions in response to inquiries and concerns that commonly come up during our weight loss challenges.

Please bookmark the pages we provided for the answers for future reference. Refer to this post from time to time for updates to our list.


How can I find my diary in this group, and add it as a favorite within FB:

Save Your Diary To Find It Easily

How do I add this group to my FB Favorites list?

Saving The Group To Your Favorites

How can I post pictures to my dairy if I have a Droid phone?

Posting Pictures for Droid Users

How do I take my measurements?

How To Take Fabulous Measurements

How do I take my before and after pictures?

How To Take Fab Before & After Pics

Where can I find the links to submit my Stats, before and after pictures?

FFF coaches will provide the necessary links you need to submit your stats by

  • Joining the Events for Each Week on Facebook
  • Locating the links that are saved in the body of your diary
  • Signing up for the daily emails (link also inside the body of your diary)

Where can I find some recipes and current meal plans?


How do you come up with the Fit number to determine the weekly winner?

Each week the coaches take the challenger’s total inches lost for the week and then adds it to the percentage of weight loss.  The percentage of weight loss is calculated by dividing the current weight for that week by the weight from the last week.  Here is an example:

Week 1 Weight: 178 Week 1 Inches: 157

Week 2 Weight: 174 Week 2 Inches: 150

Inches Lost: 7 Pounds Lost: 4   Percentage of Body Weight Lost: 174/178 = .98

Fit Score Total: 7 + .98 = 7.98


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