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Yoga For Divas: A 21 Day Yoga Challenge

By September 23, 2017October 31st, 2017Yoga For Divas

Hi Divas, welcome to our 21 days of Yoga challenge,  yoga is a large body of knowledge.  As such, we could go on and on discussing the different aspects of yoga. But ultimately, consistent practice is the key to know what yoga is and to reap it’s benefits. 

Getting Started 

So, if you are interested in learning  yoga but don’t know where to start, I have a special opportunity for you.  I’m offering a free 21 Day Beginners’ Yoga Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is to introduce the practice of yoga,  show how yoga can be integrated into your daily life, and to form a habit of consistent practice. Let’s do this together.

The Challenge

Creating new habits are often challenging.  So, we’ll ease into the practice of yoga.  During the three week challenge, I will Introduce a new pose each day for the first four days of the week.  On the 5th day of the week, I will put the week’s poses together with a breath exercise and a meditation to form a short but complete practice.  

Each practice will be designed to address a common concern of our time.  The first week the sequence will be designed for better focus, the second week it will address better digestion, and the third week it will address better sleep.  Each of these practices will hold the potential to improve your daily life.

Each day of the challenge you will practice the pose of the day.  You can extend your daily  practice by adding the pose from the previous day  or you can decide to do one pose a day.  On the fifth day of the week, you will practice the week’s  full sequence.    On the 6th and 7th day of the week, you can choose to practice the complete sequence provided on Day 5 again or revisit one or more of the poses of the day to refresh and  hone your skill with the pose(s).  

During this challenge you will learn:

  • At least 12 basic asanas (yoga poses) to strengthen and open your physical body.  
  • 3 breath exercises  to steady your mind and manage your energy.  
  • 3 meditations to help you access your inner creativity and wisdom.  


 What You’ll need:

  • Open Mind (get ready to experience all of what yoga has in store for you)
  • Bare Feet or (click here)
  • Empty Stomach ( allow 3-4 hours after large meal and 2 hours after light snack)
  • Designated Practice Space (find a quiet place in your home)
  • Yoga Mat (or other non-slip surface) or (click here)
  • Yoga Block or (click here)
  • Yoga Strap ( a belt, necktie, or towel) or (click here)
  • Up to 20 minutes/day


Over time you will build your comfort with practicing yoga and lay the building blocks for a life long practice. 

The challenge is open to anyone who wishes to experience the benefits of yoga practice and move into a new way of being.

Divas, I hope you will join me for this 21-Day Beginners Yoga Challenge!  Please leave a comment of commitment to start and finish this journey with me below. Please also leave any questions you may have about the tools you’ll need or the challenge it self.

Let’s Get Started Divas!

P.S. Your first lessons starts Wednesday, Nov. 1st

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Here’s a video of me divas explaining the challenge (click here)





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