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Hydrate Your Life Fabulously!

There are many health benefits of drinking water. Water keeps your body running, regulates body temperature, keeps your joints cushioned, protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and also gets rid of waste through sweating and urinating. Studies are also encouraging folks to drink warm water in the morning.



Here are a few more reasons to hydrate on the regular:

  • It can lead to a happy liver and lymph system.
  • It can help you lose weight by controlling your calorie intake
  • It flushes out toxins and can prevent kidney disease
  • It reduces fatigue
  • It improves your mood

The amount of water people need per day is up for debate, but studies suggest adults need 9 to 16 cups of H2O. We recommend 1 gallon minimum.

Challenge yourself to get it in! YOUR body will thank you later.

*Don’t forget to post your pics of you getting it in on Thirsty Thursdays.

Coach Audrey

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