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Let SuperFoods Be Thy Medicine: Lesson 1 – GARLIC


The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is credited with the phrase, Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food. Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food. -HIPPOCRATES Click To TweetAdvances in nutrition science make it increasinlgy possible to pinpoint nutrients for their unique healing properties and to better understand the link between diet and disease. That is great news for us diva!

Science has proven, it truly is possible to Heal Yourself of many different diseases with food; from reducing inflammation to strengthening the immune system – yup food can do it!  They are absolutely crucial to how our bodies react to stress and illness.

Note: Natural remedies are not meant as replacements for treatment by a medical profressiona.  Never discontinue prescribed medication without first consulting your physician.

During this 10 Day course, we will be reviewing one new SuperFood a day, and providing you with an easy delicious recipe to try to begin immediately enjoying it!  So let’s get started!


Superfoods are delicious and potent foods that elevate health, happieness, mood and energy. Superfoods are super either because they contain unique compounds with specific, well researched and documented health benefits -OR- becuase they’re especially nutrient dense per calorie. Superfoods have high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, all in an enticing array of colors and flavors. Superfoods can actually help you lower blood pressure and cholesterol; improve blood sugar, mood, memory, concentration, sleep, reduce stress, anxiety / depression and help you lose weight! Open your mind and your kitchen cabinets… Click To Tweet and you’ll be feeling and looking great in SHORT order!


First on our list of our select 10 SuperFoods is Garlic sis! A little garlic offers up lots of flavor and preventive nutrition. The conventional wisdom is right about this herb: Garlic is good for you!  And in so many ways, it’s amazing. Studies suggest that garlic is good for your heart, amy help lower your cholesterol and even fights some types of cancer.  Garclic contains many vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, B vitamins, maganese, phosphorus and calcium. It’s also packed with antioxidants and has antimicrobials properties that can help fight off infection!

ALSO TRY: Other members of the “ALLUM FAMILY”, which includes chives, leeks, onions and shallots, have qualities similar to garlic. All have sulfur compounds that give the the same health benefits inlcuding potential anticancer action.

How to Buy & Enjoy GARLIC!

Consume raw garlic, such as in pesto, whenever you can. When cooking it always let garlic rest for 10 minutes after mincing and before cooking. This allows beneficial compounds to develop fully. When attempting to eat garlic for health benefits, be sure to actually eat garlic. Extracts and supplements aren’t as nutritionally effective. If you don’t think you really like garlic, try roasting it, which deepens its flavor.

Recipe of the Day: “Homemade Garlic Pesto Shrimp & Zoodles”

(Click here) to get the recipe!


  1. Read the lesson above and leave a comment below to let us know if you learned something new, or if you plan to join the recipe, or if you have your own recipe you’d like to share. We love to read your comments and will be replying to each one of them.
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  3. So, save the image below to your computer or your phone. Post it on your Instagram account or on your FB page with the comment “I joined the Use SuperFoods to Build Your Immunity 10 Day Challenge” & Today’s SuperFood is GARLIC! Research suggests garlic contains sulfur compounds that may stimulate the immune system’s natural defenses. Learn more & Try this immunity building recipe with me:  “Garlic Pesto Shrimp & Zoodles” : https://fff.local/let-superfoods-thy-medicine-lesson-1-garlic/
    #letfoodbethyMEDICINE #thefitfynefablife

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  • Joy says:

    Today I learned to let the garlic sit for 10 minutes after mincing it in order to let the compounds develop fully.

  • Jadaa says:

    Awesome service Diva, great insight on Garlic.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Tamara Taliaferro-Thomas says:

    Thanks for the tip of cooking with garlic. I usually dice and drop. Additionally l, thank you for the info about garlic supplements. I was unaware. Cannot wait for dinner tonight.

  • Tashira says:

    I honestly hardly ever use garlic in my food. And I’m definitely going to start incorporating it more. I had no idea it helped prevent or fight so many issues that many of us face. Especially cholesterol in my family and now cancer. Whew ok I’m trying this recipe for her too sounds delish! Thanks so much

  • Judy McGee says:

    Let garlic rest for 10 minute after mincing.
    When eating for health benefits, actually eat the raw garlic.

  • Karteua says:

    Did not know garlic had all of those vitamins. I use garlic a lot and roasted garlic is wonderful.

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