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Let SuperFoods Be Thy Medicine: Lesson 3 – Onions


Today is Day 3 of our FREE 10 Day “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” Challenge. If you are just joining our series, please be sure to formally register (click here) to ensure you receive all 10 Immunity building foods plus recipes for each!

Note: Natural remedies are not meant as replacements for treatment by a medical profressiona.  Never discontinue prescribed medication without first consulting your physician.

During this 10 Day course, we will be reviewing one new SuperFood a day, and providing you with an easy delicious recipe to try to begin immediately enjoying it!  So let’s get started, it’s Day 2 boo!


Third on our list of our select 10 SuperFoods are Onions sis! Onions are a familiar kitchen ingredient, used to add flavor to all kinds of dishes – but it’s amazing how many healthful properties it has sis! Omg so, they contain Vitamin C, especially raw, as well as fiber, B vitmains and that all powerful manganese we talked about in Lesson 2: Garbanzo beans, and even antioxidants. 

Onions also have a prebiotic compound, which they retain even after they are cooked, so eating onions can help support beneficial nacteria in the digestive tract.  There are many traditional medicinal uses for onons, but in the modern research they are especially valued for their anticancer action of their sulfur-containing compaounds.

ALSO TRY:  It’s not just onions, all alliums have sulfur-containing compounds tha are associated with anticancer action. Try chives, garlic, leeks and shallots. OMG, I LOOOOOVE shallots over them all!


  • All onions are nutritious; you’ll get the most benefit from eating them raw. To tame spicy onions, marinate them in water with a splash of lemon juice or vinegar, then rinse.
  • Onions that smell and taste the strongest are healthiest, with red and yellow types being far more nutritious than “sweet” onions.
  • All onions sweeten with heat. You might as well choose yellow and red onions for cooking in order to get the biggest antioxidant bang
  • Choose onions with intact peels so you can eat the nutrient dense layers closest to the outside of the bulb
  • Add nutritious onion skins to simmering water for an easy broth.
A 2015 review of anticancer research on onions concluded that eating them may reduce the risk of cancer. The strongest prevention is the GI tract; likely from the sulfur compounds. Click To Tweet


RECIPE OF THE DAY: “Homemade Pickled Onions”



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  • Natasha says:

    We eat onions regularly. They are great for building your immune system to fight colds, cancer because of the antioxidants. They also combat blood clots which is very important to my hubby.

  • Tameko says:

    Love a veggie burger with raw or grilled onions! I wasn’t aware that they’re a cancer fighter.

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