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Maintaining FABULOUS hair while Sparkling!

By May 29, 2015Be Fabulous

One of the biggest “issues” for our African American divas while working out is “what I’m going to do with my hair?”

Well ladies, we do not want hair to be a hindrance to you becoming a “healthier you”! So after some research we have come up with 3 things to help “Save Your Do”!

  1. Get A Hair Wrap – Hair wraps are life savers for those rocking relaxers or press outs.  Prior to putting on a wrap it’s suggested that you either wrap, pin curl or put your hair in a ponytail for ultimate success. Check out Save Your Do GymWraps by Nicole Ari Parker. There have been rave reviews on these wraps. http://saveyourdo.com 

  2. Keep A Clean Scalp – Cleanse your scalp & hair. Too much sweat and dirt build up on your scalp or in your hair can cause excessive dryness. You don’t want to add harsh shampoos that may strip your hair’s moisture. Use mild shampoo that is sulfate free or has low suds. Make sure you also massage your scalp.  Co-washing with a cleansing conditioner is highly recommended to help cleanse & moisturize your hair.   You get the best of both worlds.  For our natural ladies we recommend using a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.Some recommendations for manageable, clean, and curl poppin hair are:
  1. Use Protective Styles – Protective styles are a girl’s best friend!  Braids & twist are best because they allow easy access to your scalp so you can cleanse it frequently.  Weaves & wigs  give you that always ready look.  The only trade off (may be) is that it is a little harder to thoroughly cleanse your scalp. Try peppermint or tea tree oil to aid in cleansing while rocking your weaves and wigs.

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One of these options should help you in your quest to stay Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, without being concerned with keeping FABULOUS hair!!!!

written by Coach Wanda


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