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MAY MOTIVATION: Krista (Day 1)

11129598_10206624125422186_1119796900_nHellooooooooo month of May!!! We welcome you with abundant expectancy! We declare each day in May we will showcase at least one diva or gent that we have helped reach and exceed their goals!

Enter the beautiful Krista Gaddist….
Let us share a few facts about Krista:

  • She has lost 27 lbs and 26 inches (and counting)!!  I should add that includes the 6 inches she lost just off her waist, which used to be a solid 42 inches, but is now a loose 36 inches!!! 11198548_10206624125662192_1145445630_n
  • Krista shared, Prior to joining Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, I was living in denial. I was living day by day, and putting all my energy & efforts into my family with no consideration for my own well being.  I lost my self for a long time.”11208916_10206624258185505_976801985_n
  • After her first accountability group with us, Krista has since shared, “I feel like I’m worth any effort I put into any goal for my benefit. NICOLE, I am WORTH IT!”
  • Krista has gone from a tight fitting size 14W from Lane Bryant to a loose size 10 from whatever store she wants!!  She has gone from a size XL to a size M!!!
  • Please see more of Krista’s Transformation below!  If you want to learn more about our FREE virtual accountability support, please leave your email in the comments below!!



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