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When is the RIGHT TIME to Hydrate Your Life!

By July 15, 2020Detox Drink

HELLO DIVAS! We know how important water is for weight loss and overall health & wellness, but did you know there is actually a RIGHT TIME to drink it?  Our Fit, Fyne & Fabulous water bottle featured above is a great way to become a part of Hydration Nation!  Click here to get yours:  FFF Water Bottle.  We encourage you to consume water throughout the day, but there are some times you want to pay special attention to getting your water on! Let’s get started!

  • Try to get a glass in when you first wake up. This helps activate organs and remove toxins.
  • Down another full glass 30 minutes before a meal.  It helps with digestion to drink your water BEFORE the meal and not DURING!  When your drink water while you eat the water dilutes the digestive juices, which slows down the digestion process, and maybe even causing bloat.
  • Wait an hour after a meal then drink another glass.  This allows your body to absorb the nutrients from your meal more effectively.
  • Drink a glass before taking a bath or shower. Surprisingly, this helps lower blood pressure.
  • Get your final glass in 2 hours before bed time. Doing so will help you to avoid getting up every few hours to use the bathroom. Having water as the final thing you consume will also replenish fluid loss that can occur overnight and aid digestion which also happens overnight.


1. So diva, please leave a comment below and let me know if you learned something new today, and if you plan to change the timing of your H2O? 

2. What time of the day do you drink the most water? What times do you avoid sis?  Please do, share! We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Trinity says:

    I follow the times except for before bath time. I wasn’t aware of this information. Will definitely begin to incorporate this. Great info!

  • Christine Brooms says:

    I drink thruout the day. I will make an effort to drink before I shower. I didn’t know that. I don’t have blood pressure issues and I don’t want any either.

  • Coach Twy says:

    I was taught to drink before you eat by my grandparents, simply because they didn’t want me eating up all the food, I THINK! LOL!! It definitely has the ability to keep you from overeating! Be mindful of not drinking WHILE you’re eating, it can be a thoughtless habit.

  • Marie says:

    Not drinking while eating will be a challenge for me. Waiting an hour and the bath time is new information for me.

  • Lisa says:

    I love drinking water. it is so refreshing to the body. I’m excited to try this Sassy detox water recipe.

  • Tanya Henderson says:

    Yes thanks for the information I learned a few more important times that I should consume water,I will try to incorporate this today for waisted water day. Thanks Diva

  • Stacie Hill says:

    The only time I feel thirsty is when I’m hot. Sometimes I go an entire day without drinking any liquids, even when I work out. The only time I’m reminded that I haven’t had anything all day to drink is when I realize I forgot to take my vitamins or I’m ready for a glass of red wine before bed. This article was extremely helpful. I will start setting alarms to remind myself to drink liquids…#1 WATER

    • Valerie Gorrell says:

      I learned something today and plan to change the timing of my water. I try to drink a lot of water during work hours.

  • April says:

    I learned that I need to stop drinking water at least two hours before going to bed. I also learned it might help to drink water before bathing. I’d not heard that before.

  • Varelle Green says:

    I drink most of my water from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
    Definitely want to track my water consumption .

  • Charmane says:

    I’m gradually getting better at drinking water as soon as I wake up; and, the 2 hours before bed. Doing it one day, one habit at a time.
    Is it accurate to include our hot tea(no sweetener) to the count for water consumed?

  • Charmane says:

    I’m gradually getting better at drinking water as soon as I wake up; and, the 2 hours before bed. Doing it one day, one habit at a time.
    Is it accurate to include our hot tea(no sweetener) to the count for water consumed? Thanks!

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