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Congrats on reaching
Day 10 of our 10 Day Meal Prep Challenge!

You should be proud of the work you’ve done as a group and individually. Regardless if you you plan to join us for the remainder of the 30 day challenge or if you plan to join our VIP group for more recipes and support (click here), or even if you plan to go alone, these tips will help you prepare for what’s head sis.

  1. Review last week! Highlight what worked for you AND what didn’t!  Keep it really simple sister next week, and repeat more of what worked for you and completely STOP everything that didn’t.

  2. If you find yourself still struggling with finding the time to meal prep and eat right, then please don’t add any new healthy habits next week. Continue to make meal prep a healthy habit priority and only then should you move on to adding exercise or reaching a gallon or taking supplements.  If you want the body you have always dreamed all, FOCUS ON YOUR FOOD FIRST!  Everything else is second to this goal. You should not be taking supplements if you’re eating like junk!

  3. Stay connected, keep posting, keep sharing, keep asking questions, keep engaged. Remember we are divinely made to commune sis, and when we feel like giving up, or quitting it MORE THAN HELPS to have a sister to help push you.

  4. Don’t take your success from this past week for granted by allowing thoughts like “oh I got this, I know what to do now” or “I can have a little of this or a little of that it won’t hurt me” or “I don’t have to prep, I have what I want to eat in my head”. Sis to continue seeing results. KEEP. THE. SAME. ENERGY. Don’t go back to your old excuse driven cycle; where you allowed those thoughts in your head to drive where you put your energy. Keep planning on-purpose with intention and you’ll continue to win.

REVIEW your previous week, REFLECT on what worked well and what didn't, CORRECT what didn't work, and CONTINUE what did! KISS It for Success sis! That's Keep It Simple Sister Click To Tweet


1. Please leave a comment for me below and share if you have already left me an amazon.com review. To those who have, I say THANK YOU! If you have not, please considering helping me reach my ultimate goal of 100 reviews, my immediate goal is 25. I’m almost there. If you left a review and you still don’t see it (click here) can you let me know? Amazon is playing around with our Fyne & Fabulous author goals, and me NO likey!!!

2. Turn to page 94 in your book read the Diva Assignment to complete your Self Reflection on page 95.  Please take time to think and reflect on last week before you go full steam head into next week. If you’re comfortable, post your completed Sunday Reflection template in the group. Tag me and tag your partner. Use your #teamname when you post!

3. Finalize your meal plan, shop for your groceries and prep your meals based on the type of Meal Prepping Diva you are! Remember we defined your Meal Prep Type in Day 5 (click here) to refresh your memory sis. Please post a pic of your prep in our group, so we can cheer you on, and so that I can see you’re still on track!

4. Starting tomorrow, I’m reading a Bible plan ‘Food Is Not The Enemy: Overcoming Food Struggles‘ and I want you to read it with me. Check it out here & join me sis… https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/3411

5. If you plan on participating in the social media contest, save the “Food Is Not The Enemy” image below to your computer or your phone and post it on your IG and on your personal FB page (don’t forget to tag me) with the following message “Starting tomorrow I’m reading the a 5 Day Bible plan with the fabulous divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous called ‘Food Is Not The Enemy: Overcoming Food Struggles‘ and I want you to join us sis.. Check it out here  https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/3411  #spiritFILLED #10daymealprepCHALLENGE #thefitfynefablife”


  • Vonda Allen says:

    This is sooo true. You have an amazing week, you’ve sacrificed, sweated and put your all into week 1, now you can relax, you have it all figured out now. No, this is the time to continue what made you successful! Start new habits!! Have another great week based on lessons learned. I need to support, I have the support and I’m ready for the new me. On my way to the grocery store!!

  • Wennifer says:

    This week was great to refocus on the basics and realize what actually works for me. I know that I cannot compare myself to others as we all are different. I will continue to stick the course and encourage my partner and others as well as be accountable to her and the group.it was a great 20 days and looking forward to what the rest of the challenge.

    Completed tasks above. About to post reflection. The link does not allow for me to join the reading plan.. Can you please add me.

  • Denise Harrison says:

    I had a great week overall. I ate meals as planned and prepared and stayed in my IF eating window. A few days, I mixed drinking my maximum amount of water but not by too much. Saturday and Sunday I was unable to follow the plan due to personal reasons beyond my control. I enjoyed Week 1 and looking forward to Week 2. I shopped and created my meal plan for the week. I will meal prep tomorrow.

    • Tameko says:

      This past week was a great reminder to pay attention to what I’m putting in my body. Sure, I have a sweet treat occasionally, but added sugar in my everyday foods needs to be kept at a minimum! I’ve enjoyed planning and prepping for the week as well as the encouragement, support, and cheering on from Nicole and the Divas of FFF. I plan to use the awesome tools to continue on in my #fab50 journey this year. Thank you for all you do!

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