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She is Fearless!

By September 17, 2018Be Inspired, Divas Who Pray

Hello Divas!!

As always I hope you all are living your best life, filled with healthy lifestyle choices, joy, happiness, peace and fulfillment.


Thank you to all the ladies who participated in the One Word Challenge from last month’s blog post “Your Superpower…Positive Words” (click here). I hope you were able to stick to your daily word challenge and continue speaking positive words over yourself.


In last month’s blog post I shared my childhood love for Wonder Woman, and although I loved her superpowers (and secretly wish I had them) there is one other thing I love about her.

She Is Fearless!

Wonder Woman never seemed to be afraid of anything or anyone. I always admired that about her and wanted to have that same fearless spirit.


No matter how hard I tried to be fearless, there were many times in my life I allow fear to keep me from doing something. Hmmmm..,,I can think of several things I didn’t do because of fear. 😐

Thankfully, I don’t struggle with the same fears I struggled with in my younger years. I may not be a slave to the fears of my youth, but fear does still try to sneak into my adult life every now and again.


So how did (do) I overcome my fears…the Word of God of course. Let’s see what the Bible says about fear.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God does not give us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


Let’s break this down a little:

  • The spirit of fear is NOT of God.
    • Side not – fear is a spirit and again it is not from God. Hmmm…..let us allow this to sink in for a minute….  💡 
  • God gives us the spirit of power and love –
    • There is power in the name of Jesus and God is Love 😉 
  • Finally He gives us a sound mind.
    • Have you ever noticed when we allow fear to overtake us it’s hard to think clearly and we can become irrational or act out of character? huh…or maybe it’s just me…  😐  😆 

Ladies, when we understand that fear doesn’t come from God imagine what we can accomplish? Oh but wait, we don’t have to imagine too much because I can give you a two examples.


One of our very own Fit Fyne Fabulous Divas, Coach Garnett is a great example.

Our FFF sister set her goal to compete in the 2018 NPC Battle Royale Bodybuilding Competition and won!

  • 1st place in Novice,
  • 3rd place in Over 40, and
  • 3rd place in True Novice

Annnd…she looked amazing doing it! Garnett, aka Coach Gigi, made a committed to competing in a bodybuilding competition and stayed the course. #FEARLESS

I don’t know if she struggled with fear throughout her training, but when I look at her pictures I see a fearless women who set her mind to accomplish a goal. Oh and she didn’t just make it to the competition…oh no… she place top ranking in three categories. Congratulations Garnett!


The other example of a Fearless Woman is our Fit Fyne Fabulous founder, Nicole aka Coach Twy.

 Her passion is to help women live healthier and achieve their weight loss goals turned into a nation wide ministry. Nicole fearlessly stepped away from a full time job/career to become a leader, motivator, coach and entrepreneur (on top of all that she is a wife and a mother – WHEW!). Another example of stepping out on faith and exemplifying fearlessness! 


In my humble opinion  these ladies are Fearless Wonder Woman. I’m not saying they never have to deal with fear, however I believe they do just that… they ‘deal’ with it and overcome it. 

There are so many more examples of women who faced fears and over came it to become something great. I am sure many of you reading this blog can share stories of becoming fearless and changing your world.


Ladies, whatever you are working towards, or thinking about doing…please don’t let fear stop you from taking that first step. Remember, God didn’t give us the spirit of fear so we don’t have to operate it that spirit.

Let’s Do Life Fearlessly!!!


If you need a theme song, check out The Breakup song by Francesca Battistelli (click here



Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for reminding us that you did not give us the spirit of fear. Thank you for the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. 

Help to go overcome fear and walk in boldness and faith on the path that is before us. Help us to be a fearless daughter and a light to those we come in contact with.

ps – Father I personally pray for every lady who reads this and is struggling with fear. Help her to step into her purpose with confidence in You. Help her to know that she has a choice to either accept fear or reject it and give her the courage to reject it.

In Jesus Name


If you are looking for a community of divas committed to living a Fit, Fyne & Fabulous life, learn more about our DIVAhood today (click here)


  • Coach Twy says:

    Thank you for the unexpected shout out and that theme song thoooooooo! I had never heard of this song before today and now it’s a fav sis. THANK YOU for always sharing your gifts with us.

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    This was right on time. My pastor preached about fear yesterday and played this song for the congregation. This is God speaking! Thanks Cil

  • Shirley motley says:

    Wow!! right on time. I’ve been praying aboyt fear for the last couple of days.

  • Celestine Jackson says:

    An awesome word and food for thought!

  • Garnett says:

    Wow thank you Prissy 🤭. I’m speechless. And yes fear crept into my head all the time while I was preparing to compete. But I never let it consume me or outshine my greatness. We all deal with it, you just have to believe that you are greater than your fears. Great post.

    • Cil says:

      Thanks to you for being such a light, and inspiration. I’m so glad you didn’t allow that fear to stop you! Keep inspiring your sphere of influence.
      Lots of Love

  • Barbara Jones says:

    Yes, Priscilla this was a n awesome message on fear. I am like Nicole never heard this song before today. But I enjoy the song so much I played it over several time. Thank you for the great words on fear. You did a great show out to two wonderful ladies Nicole and Garnett they are awesome ladies. I a glad I got the chance to meet them. Priscilla you are awesome also.

    • Cil says:

      Well thank you and I think you are awesome! I hope all the ladies of FFF know how awesome they are. And yes, that song….man it was right on time. I hope it continues to bless those who listen to it.
      Lots of love

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