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The Truth on How To Take Fabulous Measurements


Well, today’s topic is “The Scale is NOT to be Trusted”  You see, truth be told, too many women rely far too much on the scale.  I would venture to say, some of us are addicted to that number.  Yeah, I said it, and it’s TRUE!!!

Sadly, the scale alone is not the best predictor of weight loss success.  I liken the scale to a bad boyfriend.  Some days he is down, down, down for you!

 Other days, without notice, he jumps UP and leaves you depressed; only to come back down for you again.  STOP THE YO YO!  Drop that  “loser”!!!

The BEST reflection of your work are your pictures, your measurements & how your clothes fit!  The scale is okay for long term trending, but not for day to day weighing, so STOP IT! Like, for real though, STOP!

For example, the scale can go up for any of the following reasons:

  • As you workout, you tear muscles, they rebuild even stronger, as muscles repair they use increased water, increased water = a slight temporary weight gain
  • As you increase your water intake, if you don’t cut off your intake by a certain time at night, you will find the scale is higher in the morning (your body uses the water at night but if you don’t get enough sleep or drink water late into the night – higher weight)
  • You may be experiencing TOM (Time of the month), causes temp bloat and weight gain
  • Some women gain weight not just during TOM, but also while ovulating.
  • If you don’t weigh yourself the same time of the day as before you will see a different weight

I could go on and on, many factors affect that number on the scale.  But the bottom line is this…

Don’t TRUST the SCALE!!!

HOW TO TAKE FABULOUS MEASUREMENTS:  http://youtu.be/1qqC6omjk3Y

So, let’s get started learning how to do something we can actually rely on weekly!  TAKE OUR MEASUREMENTS!!!

What you will need:  

  1. a measuring tape (click here for the preferred FFF tape) – Use promo code Momma18 for 20% off
  2. a smart phone or camera with timer if possible
  3. and even a binder clip if you don’t have a FFF approved measuring tape.

The following areas of your body will be tracked each weekend of the challenge:

under boobs (not on top of!)

Correct Way to measure


Incorrect way to measure – do NOT measure across the nipple.  Everyone has varying amounts of fat tissue stored in their boobs. We measure under boob instead.

Incorrect Chest

Arms – (Right and Left)
take it halfway between elbow and shoulder

Correct way to measure


Incorrect way to measure. Do not measure too close to your elbow nor too close to your shoulder. Right in the middle is perfect!

Incorrect Aem


Correct way to measure- right across your navel, no pulling or tugging. 

Correct Waist

Incorrect way to measure – don’t tug so tight. Relax and be honest with yourself above all else!


Hips – 

Correct way to measure would be right the bubble of your butt.  Include your butt!


Incorrect way to measure would be to measure at angle and pull the tape too tight.

Incorrect Hips

Thighs – (Right and Left) – take halfway between your crotch and your knee.



Incorrect way to measure would be with the tape on an angle and pulled to tightly, and also to far up or down the thigh.

Incorrect Thigh

Pro Tip:

  1. Use a binder clip to hold the measuring tape in place while you snap the pictures using your phone.
  2. Weigh yourself same time every day, with the same outfit (or your birthday suit) before you eat or drink ANYTHING!
  3. If traveling bring your measuring tape. We don’t accept travel as an excuse not to measure.
  4. Buy extra measuring tapes, in case your kids decide to play with them (ummmm, can you tell we’ve heard all the excuses in the book, LOL)


sample picture

You can also purchase the FFF measuring tape which holds the measuring tape in place for you (click here)

Measurements, much like before pictures are due this Saturday BEFORE 12:00 pm CST.  The link to submit both your pictures and measurements will be sent soon!  For now be sure you know HOW to measure!

As you progress through the next 4 weeks it’s going to be exciting to see the changes in your measurements.


  1. Update your Diva Planner’s May BODY STATs template with your measurements and submit them to us before 12noon Central on Saturday. If you don’t have a Diva Planner, please print and update this free template (click here).  A link to submit your stats will be provided soon.
  2. Once you’ve completed reading this post, proceed to finishing this sentence “Dear Scale, It’s *NOT* Me, It’s *YOU*, so… (finish this sentence diva)” and post it in our private Facebook challenge group. Tag your partner, Tag your coach!
  3. Have you come up with a team name yet?  If you haven’t time is ticking diva. If you have, move on to the next step and design a team collage based on your team name.
    Be Sure to use:

    • a pic of each of you,
    • each of your names and,
    • your team name as well.

BUT BE CAREFUL, DO NOT SHARE YOUR COLLAGE until next steps are given. For now just create it and keep it.


4. Share something new you’ve learned in the comments below!  Tomorrow the meal plan is revealed. We are almost done with ORIENTATION week!



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