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Wait for the Whoosh!!

By June 25, 2020August 6th, 2022Education Nation

I want to reiterate the importance of understanding how your body works, so that you aren’t always blaming yourself for a “lack of progress“. The scale not moving, is not always a factor of  eating right or working out. Especially if you know you’ve been on track and doing all the right things. Sis, there are so many things that determine that number sis. The following post will discuss 1 of the many reasons. In fact, the topic we are discussing today it not common everyday knowledge, but it is 100% factual. This learning arm of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, we call it EDUCATION NATION! Learning together is where it’s at sis.  I love how the Bible puts it!

Proverbs 1:5
a wise man will hear and will increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel

If you’ve ever been dieting, for any amount of time, you most likely encountered a handful of weigh-ins in a row where you don’t show any loss. All of the weigh-ins are around the same weight. Or you could be like me for the past 2 weeks; 4 weigh-ins and the scale read the EXACT SAME NUMBER. Down to the decimal.

So, you’ve seen the same number, or close to, on the scale weigh-in after weigh-in even though you’re in a calorie deficit and are training your butt off. And then all of a sudden, WHOOSH! You drop 3, 4, 5 pounds over night! This has happened to me sooooo many times!

Why does that happen? How does that happen?

So allow me to introduce to some and remind others of the “Whoosh Effect

Studies show adipocytes aka your fat cells are prone to filling back up with fat faster if the fat loss is rapid, as on a crash diet. Slow & Steady wins the race sis! Click To Tweet

The Whoosh Effect answers the question,
“How Do Fat Cells Release Fat?”

One of the stranger phenomenon that occurs when you are losing weight is the so-called “whoosh effect”.  I really wish had a better or more scientific name, lol. But, it’s the name given to a very common occurrence where you are sticking to plan and doing everything you are supposed to do but no weight loss happens for several days and then all of a sudden, like an act of God, and your prayers are answered, you lose 3-5 lbs in a single night!! It’s great when it happens, right?

So what is happening in the days leading up to a “whoosh”? Here is our best guess because it doesn’t appear to be something that has been studied a whole lot. As triglycerides (that’s fat sis) that are in the fat cells are broken down into their component fatty acids and glycerol and moved out of the fat cells to fuel your body, your body begins to fill those fat cells with water. Now that’s not right! Why won’t the body just let those fat cells go FLAT!!!

It’s not absolutely clear why this happens but the prevailing theory is that your body is trying to reach a state of homeostasis and keep your fat cells the same size they were in order to make refilling them with triglycerides easier. The body is sooooo smart sis. It’s engineered to keep the peace, keep things the same! These cells will generally hold that water for a few days and then release it all, once it realizes that fat is not coming back! You will usually find yourself heading to the bathroom multiple times over the course a few hours and find that you have dropped 3-5 lbs in one night.


So at this point, you might ask yourself..
“What Should I Do While I Wait for my Fat Cells to Shrink?

So What Should You Do? Ahhh, sis that’s easy, keep calm and stick to plan! Stick with our highly nutritious meal plans, keep drinking the water, keep getting your sleep. Stay the course and you will reap the benefits. Realize that your hard work is working, just give your body time adjust! Now just like hair, that grows thick and fast for some, and grows thin and slowly for others; fat cells may flatten quickly for some, and fill with water and sit there longer for others!

So sis, just like hair, don’t compare! Don’t compare how long your hair is with how long someone else’s hair grows. Don’t compare on long your legs are with how long someone else’s legs are. It’s the same with weight loss. You don’t know that person’s biological make up that causes their hair to grow and legs to be as long as they are.  Look in the mirror, and love what you see about you!!  What does that mean!

Give your body time to adjust to this new lifestyle, but not just time though sis. PAY ATTENTION!!!  Watch how your body responds for 2 – 3 months of this. Learn what happens when you eat earlier or later. Learn what happens when you drink more water or less. Learn what happens when you eat your carbs earlier vs later. Learn your body, Learn yourself. Love her! That’s the bottomline! The scale is not failing you. YOU ARE FAILING YOU, but not giving yourself the grace to understand the cycles that exist and are happening under your skin. PAY ATTENTION!


  1. Share below if you have heard of WHOOSH EFFECT before? Have you woke up one day while following your healthy routine, and was 3-5 pounds lighter? Share your thoughts today!

  2. Let’s make this post a conversation. Please leave any questions you may have as well!

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  • Marlene Spencer says:

    Hadnt heard this name/title for this process of the body, have experienced it but didnt know the science behind it so this was a wealth of good info. Def learned something new today that I will keep in remembrance for those times when they scale may have me questioning the “why” in terms of lbs gained or not lost at all.

    So appreciate all these good nuggets of info.

    • Coach Twy says:

      I’m so blessed you’re here and reading with us! Please help me share these nuggets with others!

  • Sonia Hart says:

    Great info! I experienced this about a month ago. Thanks for sharing!

  • Vonda Allen says:

    Never heard it called that, but definitely get it. Thanks for making it simple and clear.

  • Natasha says:

    I haven’t heard of the “whoosh effect”, but definitely gained a better understanding of what the process is and how my body is operating/responding. This journey is a big learning curve.

  • Trudy Shelton-Harris says:

    Same…never hear of that name but have experienced the effect. I just knew that you shouldn’t try to starve your body to loose weight because it goes in to the self -preservation mode. Now I know the biology behind it. Thanks Sis!

  • Melita Mitchell says:

    Always learning something! It great to understand what is really going on in your body!

  • Janice Winstead says:

    Thank you for this, never heard of the whoosh effect. Love Fit, Fyne and Fabulous and the Education Nation!

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