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We Snatch Waists & Award Prizes, Part 2!!!!!

This week ends the 1st week of our “Snatch Your Waist” fitness accountability challenge.  We paired each of the divas in our challenge with a partner and asked them to create a collage to show their team support!  We had over 175 divas join us; which made for close to 90 teams!!!
<<SEE TEAMS HERE –> http://flipagram.com/f/WabineT898>>

Each week, the diva coaches of Fit, Fyne and Fabulous identify one team that rises to the top of the charts.  These divas have lost the largest % of weight and the most inches in the past 7 days.

Today, we announce the winners from our first 7 days (WEEK 1) of accountability challenge, and these ladies will knock your socks off with their results!!!!  Please join us in congratulating the winning team.

Tracy Adams & Crystal Smith

“The Dymanic Divas”

They lost 14.3 inches and 7.9 lbs together!!

Clearly  we are better TOGETHER!!  WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!
We should also note that out of the 61 ladies that reported in Group 2 of 2 of our challenge lost 148.41 inches & 82.9 lbs!!

WOW, where they do this at????  Fit, Fyne & Fab is where. Leave your email to join us, we get the JOB DONE!!!


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