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7 Days Yoga & Meal Prep: Day 8 -Sixth Yoga Practice

By December 30, 2017December 26th, 20217 Days of Yoga & Meal Prep, Yoga For Divas

Welcome to Day 8 of the End of the Year 7 Days of Yoga and Meal Prep  Challenge!

Today we have a deeply restorative pose, Legs Up the Wall.  Legs Up the  Wall Pose refreshes tired legs, relieves lower back pain, and calms the mind.   Enjoy the video below:

Your Daily Diva Yoga Assignment:

1. Watch the video.

2. Practice the poses and techniques as instructed.

3. Post in the group a picture of you doing one of the poses OR you on your yoga mat.

4. When posting your picture share how the pose made you feel.

5. Tag Stephanie Perry-Bush when you post and use hashtag #endofyearyoga when posting about yoga. (this helps us find the yoga posts easily)

6. Click the video above to get started on today’s challenge.

You can practice anytime of the day that is convenient. 

Remember to allow 3-4 hours after a large meal and 2 hours after a light meal before practicing yoga.  


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