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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 7-8 pages of Steve Harvey’s book, “Jump” each day for the next 24 days!


1.  Please watch the video that started it all (see below).
2.  Today’s reading assignment is to read the INTRODUCTION pages of the book only.
3.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below about the video and the INTRODUCTION, let’s dialog diva!

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  • Priscilla Toussant says:

    What a powerful message. I’ve received this 30 day Challenge as a Jump and I declare and decree in this new season of 2017 , I will “Jump” and every Diva in this challenge will Soar. Blessings to you Coach Twy and your Crew as you’ve already begun to Soar. Yes! 2017 Jump…

  • Tomika says:

    I just so inspired to Jump in every aspect of my life. I truly beleive that this is the year of change. I know I just have to just the process and not give up. Giving up is not a option thats why I need all the support I can get. It is scary but exciting. Weight, relationship with God, school, and a vacation. It’s a lot but it is the same desire every year for at least the 10 years. So I am so ready to Jump.

    • Coach Twy says:

      This is definitely your year sister. A decade is long enough! Let’s do this NOW 🙂 WE are here to support you in achieving your goals!

    • Liz Prince says:

      Awesome! All we have to do is believe and we are believing right there with you sister!

    • sharell says:

      We are on the same page Tomika. We can do this, yes life get frustrating, people get frustrating, but if we remember where we want to be we can do this. I learned in church to stop looking for a destination and just allow god to do the hard work. Dream beyond you destination…

  • Nornette Jacobs says:

    Wow!!! Powerful!!! I will stand on the promises of God and JUMP!!! He knew us before the foundation of the earth and just as Steve Harvey stated, He’s given each and everyone of us a gift, a gift to use for the purpose He created us for. I want to live out that purpose before I leave this temporary earth. I do not want to block someone else’s blessing and most importantly, I do not want to denie God’s glory because I did not JUMP!!! Thank you FFF for JUMPING and being a blessing to me and so, so many other women. Blessings…🙌🏽

    • Coach Twy says:

      Nornette thank you for watching the video and for your thoughts we are excited you’re here and are also helping us to help others get Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. We are grateful for you!

    • Liz Prince says:

      You are so welcome Nornette! What an awesome declaration! Standing on His promises! I can see you moving in His will right now! AMEN!

  • Delores says:

    Very powerful, I’m glad I chose to Jump with you. So many stories fill the pages of life, some we would even be proud to tell. The day our lives really turn the page is when we let God be the author. The decision we make today will determine the story we tell tomorrow. Let’s all JUMP together.

  • Monique says:

    Wow! That’s amazing and true. I’m curious to see what jumping looks like or will look like in my own life. I am an excellent mother, daughter, niece and godmother. I truly help take care of five members of my family emotionally and financially but I have t taken care of myself in years. I want to jump but I have no idea who would do what I’m enabled to do if I do. I want to be true to who I am but at this point I’ve been taking care of others so long I don’t even know how.

    • Coach Twy says:

      Hi Monique, I’m so glad you’re here and reading with us! I think this BOOK is going to help guide us on HOW to jump as well. Let’s keep reading 7 pages a day together and learn how to BEST jump in our own life!

    • Nornette Jacobs says:

      Can truly relate to what you’re saying… Taking care of everyone else to the point we’ve forgotten ourselves and the abundant life God has intended for us to live… Diva, one step, one day at a time and you’ve chosen an amazing ministry to help you take that JUMP! You can do it!❤️

    • Liz Prince says:

      Well Diva, guess what you have just started taking care of yourself. Joining us on this journey! He will never leave you nor forsake! There is purpose right now in you doing what He has called you to do! Have faith and all things will work together for your good. In Jesus NAME! AMEN!

    • Mea Floyd says:

      Awesome Monique. I’ve sometimes felt the same way you feel. I think for the JUMPS I have taken in life thus far required me to ask God for guidance and trust that what comes to me was from him.

  • Michele Dean says:

    God had placed a desire in my heart years ago and I just pushed it to the side because it did not manifest quick enough . That desire still nudges me deep down and I can’t put it to rest. Listening to Steve Harvey that desire is back in the front of my mind . Steve’s book is going to help me physically with my weight lost goals, professionally with having the courage to use the talent that GOD has blessed me with and spiritually with helping me realize that GOD has a plan for my life and it is his desire for me to succeed. This year FEAR is not going to take over my life and minor setback are just what they are minor setbacks. I have the faith and courage to know that GOD is going to redirect is spiritual GPS . I am so excited about this group and the positive impact that it is going to have over my life.

    • Coach Twy says:

      Praise Dancing over this declaration and decree!!! NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!!! Let’s go boooo!

    • Liz Prince says:

      Absolutely beautiful! Yes go after what has been nudging you! I know you have the strength to do it! He has you in the palm of His hands and will not stir you in the wrong direction! AMEN!

  • Deb says:

    This is a powerful message! I’m ready to JUMP! My inhibitions have kept me locked up in my mind. Even though, there are many dreams, desires and passions running around in my brain. I will lose weight this year, but more than that, I plan on losing the weight of fear and apprehension that causes me to stop right before the JUMP.

    • Liz Prince says:

      Aha! This book is working out for your good already! You know the issue and you shall conquer it! These are great plans and I can’t wait to see the execution! It is about to be on!

  • Steve Harvey is such an inspiration and I love how he puts God first in everything. His challenges has shaped him and jumping is necessary for us to reveal our true gifts that God has in store for us. I’m jumping and trusting God to keep me and not let me fall. Even if I do fall, I know that God will pick me up and set me back on the right track.

  • Terri Todd says:

    This video is encouraging! I have jumped in many aspects of my life already and I don’t want the spirit of procrastination and fear to creep its ugly head back into my life! There’s one part of what Steve said near the end of this video that seems to be sticking with me and that is “If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open!” I believe that EVERYTHING that WE all need to succeed is already in us! So LET’S DO THIS!!!

  • Drea Spencer says:

    That video was so moving! Many are critical of Steve Harvey because of his past but God can use ANYTHING and/or ANYONE to get His message to us!

    I have been standing on the cliff and contemplating jumping for quite some time. I am adventurous by nature but I am also cautious. As a single mother, I have to put my children’s needs before my desires. Now that my baby is a college sophomore it is time for me to get a little reckless!

    I am convinced that this group is God-ordained! This year my jump will be achieving my weight loss/health goal and reviving my event/wedding planning business.

    Sometimes you just have to do it afraid and have faith in God’s supernatural favor and provision! His wings are big enough to carry me!

    See you all on the landing pad!

    • Liz Prince says:

      Hallelujah and AMEN! He is a mighty God! He will see you through it all! I am excited to see what you do with reviving your even/wedding planning business. Write it down and make it plain! He got you!

  • Jada pettaway says:

    This is a very powerful message. I always feel like I need to jump but sometime scared of the what ifs. This has encouraged me to jump give to god and he will take care of me no matter what. It’s my year to jump to lose weight and make travel the work live life to fullest don’t be scared. We can do this

    • Liz Prince says:

      Yes we can DIVA! You are on the right path with this great attitude and outlook! I am so excited to see you achieve all that God has ordained for your life! Get ready to JUMP!

  • Angela McCall-Brown says:

    I believe this is my season to Jump, and I am ready to see what God has for me spiritually, in my ministry, for my family, my career, and my future. As Steve was talking I wondered how many opportunities have I let pass me by because I was comfortable where I was. It’s time for me to come out of my comfort zone, and by Faith take the leap into whatever door the Lord will open for me!
    So glad my natural sister, and my sisters of FFF are with me!
    Ladies success is our only option!

    • Liz Prince says:

      Hallelujah! We shall succeed. In the name of JESUS! I am so happy for you and your desire to jump in all areas of your life!

  • Amy Burrell says:

    The only way to soar is to JUMP! Very powerful message. Really makes you think about life and how you want to live it moving forward.

    • Coach Twy says:

      It really does Amy!! I want more out of life than just existing and I plan to GET what I want by DOING and taking consistent action!

  • Beverly C says:

    The video and reading the introduction was very timely for me. I’m at a crossroad in my career – I have been in my current position for the past 14 months. I moved from patient care in an oncology outpatient setting to a administrative/nursing education position. As a Nurse I truly miss patient care and absolutely hate the politics on this side of nursing. I’m constantly praying about what I should do next, leave my current place of employment, go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner or just hang in there. I really don’t know. One thing that stood out in the introduction is – “Your Life should be more than living paycheck-to-paycheck and then hoping to collect a pension down the road.” What I love is gardening, flowers/plants and home improvements. Who knows, I’ll just keep it in prayer.

    • Coach Twy says:

      AMEN!! Seeds are being planted!!! let them plant and manifest sister 🙂 Trust GOD to grow them. SO proud of you ! The 1st step is taken.

  • LeAnne says:

    I love this message. I do not consider myself a Steve Harvey Fan, but I absolutely love this message. He puts into words the message that I try to share with my own friends and family. I also try to live by the philosophy. It is not easy when you have the responsibility of making sure a child is taken care of, but I have to tell myself that I want her to understand all of the possibilities in life not by me saying it, but by her seeing me taking a chance to live those possibilities. For me… Life is so much more than having a “good job” especially if that job is draining you of your creativity and smoldering your passions… OK… I can go on for hours. The book is great though. I told myself to stop at 7 pages so I don’t get too far ahead. 🙂

    • Coach Twy says:

      Come on back tomorrow so we can share the next 7 together. It’s going to be a great month of committing and following thru!

  • Ruth Anthony says:

    This is a powerful and inspiring video. I am excited this year to see what God has in store for me and the other ladies. So many times I put others first. This time it is about me. I am ready to jump.

  • Kamilia Sellers says:

    Wow! This video was so touching. I was going to download the online copy but I must go out today and get the hardcopy.

  • sharell says:

    I love Steve for his determination, and so far I love the book. I am currently going through a jump situation, and its for my good because God has blessed me through this storm. It shows me that my jumping is not in vein and to keep pushing no matter what.

  • Cynthia Griffin says:

    The timing of this challenge and assignment is NO accident. God is so faithful and on time. I’m so ready to JUMP and start putting myself first. I love how he says to stop waiting for the perfect time. I’m the only one who can take I can’t and turn it into I CAN!

  • Michelle Thompson says:

    I am literally in tears right now!! It’s like he was speaking directly to me. My passion is now in the forefront. I have been considering putting in my notice on my current job to pursue my second job which is my passion full time. My God My God!! It was another reason for my return nother just my health
    !!!! #Iamjumpinginjesusname

    • Wanda says:

      I’m glad you are back Hun!! This book right here is the push we all need to live on purpose

    • Mea Floyd says:

      Amen Michelle, #IamjumpinginJesusname! I felt the book was dirtied towards me and I can relate wholeheartedly about leaving the current job to pursue my other job full time.

  • Sherrica Acevedo-Bufford says:

    Listening to him talk myself and my husband he just confirmed it is our time to JUMP. We have been hindering ourself for so long with fear of failure. But one of our goals has been to JUMP into the GIFT that God has given us.. So its game on from here on out. The speech gave me chills for this is my year to JUMP and allow God to help me with FEAR for he does not give me the power of fear but of a sound mind. And if my parachute doesn’t open up right away i will not give up….POWER moves for this year…

  • Bridgitte' says:

    Is there a love button for the book’s introduction? The message was especially poignant for me because I recently had a conversation with someone dear to me who spoke the very same words so this was a confirmation for me. Let me get out of my own way! It IS time to jump!

  • Bethany Golden says:

    This message was so powerful beyond measure…I’ve been struggling with a lot with things that have been leaving me in a dark place..after reading the introduction has really given me light on making my faith stronger and trusting God..He has created us in a way no one can steal from us. I have shared this video with my young adult children as well as some friends. I can’t wait to dig into this book much deeper along with other spiritual challenges and journeys that I have set out for myself for 2017. Thanks for sharing this with me because I may not have picked this book up..

  • Daphne says:

    The introduction was very touching. So often we know that we need to “JUMP” but man….that fear, doubt, distractions, and unforeseen opportunities get in the way. I plan to “JUMP” in 2017. What a great pick for this 2017 journey!!!

  • Tavisha says:

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I am not only inspired by this challenge but also by the many comments that I have read. It is a horrible space to be in when you are frighten by the very word of failure, doubt and “its not the right time”. Therefore, JUMPING has been nothing but a thought. However, with this book and this challenge, I feel hopeful and excited by what could happen in 2017 by just JUMPING! I say, let us all just do it and know that God will inflate that parachute. I’m certainly looking forward to this journey. YASSSSS!

  • Roeina says:

    Jumping is necessary for us to grow and go to the next level in our lives. We have small jumps and big jumps but when we trust God and move in purpose we live the abundant life
    This introduction is such a good inspiration at this time of year. Jumping helps to make our dreams our reality.

  • Christal says:

    Good evening Divas!! I made a decision right before my 40th birthday that I was not going to do things the same way anymore. I began to get tired of the same things on different days. So I decided to stand on the edge of my mountain waiting for 2017 to take my leap. God knows who and what we need in our lives and at the right time. I know for sure that I have missed many opportunities in my life, but no more. I’m ready to jump into the destiny that God has for my life. I’m so blessed to be jumping with my sister, my cousin and all of you my FFF sisters. Looking forward to jumping, leaping and soaring with all of you. Watch out world here we come!!

  • Angie Ayers says:

    The concept for Jump not only applies to your gifts but for me also my weight loss journey. By taking the leap of faith to change your life is truly awesome as long as you keep focus on God to lead you.

  • Tamika Lewis says:

    Jumping can be a very scary thing! I’m praying that God will keep take away any fear any of us may have and I’m so glad I have this special group of ladies to help me take this jump! Believing that we all can accomplish our goals not only in health and weight loss but in life!

  • Tyne King-Daugherty says:

    With tears in my eyes as I watched this video, I listened to his words and felt my ambitions burn in my soul…. This is my confirmation!!!!! It is comfirmation for so many areas in my life starting with this Challenge….. I declare that ” This is TYNE’S SEASON TO JUMP”…… God’s word tells me that “He shall never leave me nor forsake me”…. My God has not failed me yet, God has always done his part, I have just “FAILED” to do mine……. So Baby, Tyne is JUMPING!!!!

  • Keisha Fontenot-Crawford says:

    Just finished reading the introduction, it truly speaks life into my soul! It touches home because I am at place in my life where I’ve been stuck for sooo long afraid to take chances on things I really want to do because of bills and family; stability. It’s overdue and time to take that JUMP and truly do the things that will set me free & express my gifts. I’m tired of just existing… time to take chances and get ME back! This challenge will help me get my self confidence back and take control of who I look to become. Thanks Divas for introducing me to this book & sisterhood on the journey to regain who we once were!

  • Dawn Taylor says:

    Watched the video this morning and just finished reading the introduction. It was so powerful. I am ready to take the jump. I ready to take that leap of faith. I know with God all things are possible to them that believe.. I appreciate all you ladies. I am so glad to be a part of this group.

  • Kimberly says:

    This book is proving to be very inspirational already! I am so excited about starting the year off on such a positive note and I look forward to what gifts God will manifest in my life as I journey through this. I have so many interests, and I am not sure where God is leading me. But….”where He leads me, I will follow”.

    • Mea Floyd says:

      Yes, Kimberly, I must agree!! We are starting off the year with an excellent read, positive note, and fresh start. I too have many interests and I do a lot to help out others within my community and family. One thing you said and I believe it to be true is that ”where He leads me, I will follow”…JUMPing in faith

  • Lynette says:

    I must admit I am not a big Steve Harvey fan but this message resonated with me. I help and encourage others to jump everyday. However I don’t focus on ‘my jump’ at all. I promised myself I’d make life altering changes in 2017 and it’s because I’m ready to focus on me and ‘my jump’. This is so timely and exciting!!!!

  • k edwards says:

    We all have gifts and don’t use them! I have jumped in so many different areas in my life, but I must admit that I am a procrastination diva. I am constantly encouraging and counseling everyone else and made a conscience effort that I will take care of me more and stop neglecting my needs over others. I learned to take my own counseling advice and go for it! Well I decided to stop procrastinating so much, I started by jumping into the 12 days of Fitmas and started back in the gym that Monday after Thanksgiving instead of giving into the wait until January start with taking control of my weight again. People told me to wait and I said NO! NOW IS THE TIME. I was successful at owning my weight before I relocated 3 years ago and I am taking control again..this time I’m not letting go! When he said “If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open!” he never lied. If I listened to everyone else, I would be waiting until today to begin. I haven’t stopped meal prepping since the 12 Days of Fitmas and I feel like a winner already. I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all and thank God for this group. It was what I needed… no shakes, pills, waist trainers and I got results. I’m so excited!!! LETS GET IT SISTERS OF FFF!!!!!

  • Joy Jackson says:

    Sometimes it’s not the messenger BUT the message. This message is powerful and thought provoking! My jumps will be small RIGHT now as I focus on weight loss, organization, patience, etc. EVENTUALLY my jump(s) will increase. This is a great book.

    • Mea Floyd says:

      Awesome Joy!!! I couldn’t agree more, sometimes it’s not the messenger BUT the message. Thank you for taking a JUMP towards getting your healthy goals organization, patience and the like.

  • Trinity Hollins says:

    I had seen this nessafe before and to see it again still gives me chills. We all a purpose. A gift God has given us but most of us or too scared to jump and soar. We may be afraid of falling which we see as failure. But we will have only failed if we never tried. I’m tired of being tired for not jumping. 2017 is my year to jump in all aspects of my life and be examples to my sons and others.

  • Katrina Atkinson says:

    That was a powerful message and reminder. It was also a testament to show how staying connected to God and taking time out to not just ask for a thing, but to be still and listen, and then take action is so important. It will allow us to use and flow in our gifts at the destined moment in time no matter how big or small the task. Steve was suprised at how quickly the video went viral and was in position to bring all of us together right now at this destined moment in our lives to JUMP together into our appointed destinies. I LOVE IT!!! Our God is such an AMAZING God!!! Only HE, in His infinite wisdom could have orchestrated such a powerful move. Now, we let’s get in position to GO TO WORK and get on assignment so he can use us all as his vessels to carry out His amazing work!

  • Charmany Hill says:

    I have watched the clip several times since it first started circulating and each time it makes me reflect on all the times I overthought things or refused to leap. I have begun living my life more than ever over last year.

  • Tira McDonald says:

    I’ve seen this video a few times and it always brings tears to my eyes. Mr. Harvey is so correct in what he says. Jump is merely a metaphor for having FAITH and belief in what the CREATOR has designed for you to be.

    My problem has always been procrastination, laziness, and sometimes boredom. You envision the abundant life of which Mr. Harvey speaks, but in order to achieve it you must do the work which can be tedious and let’s be honest, often requires doing stuff you don’t like.

    It’s definitely an uphill battle for me. But, I’m a firm believer of omens, things, and people being placed in a person’s life at the right time. If these lessons continue to come my way, I have no other choice but to receive them, heed them, and apply them.

    Wishing all of us much success and a life filled with abundance.

  • Nicole S McCoy says:

    I am at a point in my life to this day and before watching this video wavering back and forth whether I should JUMP. While opportunities lie before me, I am afraid of what I have to leave behind. Watching this video has brought some clarity to what lies ahead of me. While I am still afraid, I know that I am certain.

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