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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 7-8 pages of Steve Harvey’s book, “Jump” each day for the next 10 days!


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read pages 115-122 of the book only.
  2. Do something silly & fun that makes you laugh.  Share your moment with us in the comments below!

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  4. Share this post! Let’s encourage our family and friends to JUMP with us!

DAY 16 – INSPIRATION NATION (Steve Harvey’s “JUMP”) Click To Tweet


  day 16
A note from STEVE HARVEY….

If there’s anyone who knows the power of laughter, it’s me.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Being silly, playing games, dancing to your favorite song or doing something amusing with your children can boost your energy and make life a little brighter.


Do something silly and fun that makes you laugh. Just know that when you share it in the comments below, it might not be funny to us (it could be one of those “you had to be there”), but as long as it bought you joy, that’s all that matters!


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  • Jada pettaway says:

    I find my self doing something nice for someone everyday it could even be something small as long as I know I helped someone to put a smile on there face that’s all that matters

    • Danie Irving says:

      That is great Jada. What I’ve learned is that small gestures can have a big impact. Keep doing what you’re doing because I bet you are changing lives.

  • Jada pettaway says:

    I think my comment went on wrong day ooops

  • Danie Irving says:

    I’m known for bringing positive energy into the office. I greet each person with a huge Kool-Aid smile every morning and I make a point always high-light the positive aspects within any discussion. Some have openly admitted that my positivity is annoying but for every annoyed person there are at least 2 people that tell me to never change and they appreciate my positivity. I bring the sunshine with me every day for that reason.

  • Nicole S McCoy says:

    Well this morning my husband baby I’ll take the baby to school today, you sleep in. Well I did sleep in, but my silly self still went the wrong way to work this morning. I drove halfway to the baby’s daycare only to realize that he wasn’t in the back seat. I couldn’t do anything but pull over and laugh to myself. I turned around and headed the complete opposite direction to work.

  • Keisha Crawford says:

    A few acts of kindness in which I do to help others are: bring a smile to every dark situation, make someone feel special when they are down, donate clothes to charity, & help friends and people when in need.

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