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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 7-8 pages of Steve Harvey’s book, “Jump” each day for the next 8 days!


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read pages 131-138 of the book only.
  2. Identify your routine diva! Share your routine or a part of your routine with us in the comments below!

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  4. Share this post! Let’s encourage our family and friends to JUMP with us!

Discipline is found in repetitiveness Click To Tweet


  day 18
A note from STEVE HARVEY….

Creating a routine is not the same as creating a schedule. Your days can be different, but what you do on a daily (or weekly) basis must remain consistent.

Your schedule can change if you travel, have different activities on different days or have a job where you are on call.

However, the discipline to stay on track with your goals (eating healthy, studying, working on your business, spending quality time with your loved ones, exercising, preparing for a promotion) must not be compromised just because your schedule changes.


Identify your routine. What will you do on a daily and/or weekly basis that aligns with the goal you set. What will you be uncompromising in doing repeatedly so that you make real progress on your goals.

Share your answers in the comments below.


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  • Michele Dean says:

    I have started this way before the challenge and what I do everyday is I walk home from the train station because I don’t like taking buses. This gives me a chance to get my exercise in and walking helps me clear my mind so it gives me a chance to evaluate the things that I am doing.

    • Danielle Irving says:

      That is a great routine that serves dual purposes. Clear mind and a brisk walk will definitely get you closer to your goals.

  • Danielle Irving says:

    My promise to myself that I will leave time for me every day. That me time is reserved for grocery shopping, meal prepping, working out or meditation. I don’t do them all everyday but I reserve time for them all each week.

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