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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW one chapter of JOYCE MEYER’s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” each day during APRIL!


THE CLIFF NOTES from today’s reading:  Chapter 20: “Don’t Make me Wait for Anything”

Impatience is the fruit of pride. A proud person cannot seem to wait for anything with proper attitude.  Waiting is a part of life though diva. We ask God for something in prayer, believing, and then we wait and wait for the manifestation.  When spend far more time waiting that we do receiving. Might as well enjoy waiting, and not just receiving.


It is impossible to enjoy waiting if you don’t know how to wait patiently. Pride prevents patient waiting because the proud person thinks so highly of themselves that he/she believes he should never be inconvenienced in any way.


Another way Satan uses our mind to lead u into impatient behavior is through thinking that is idealistic rather than realistic.  If we get the idea in our heads that everything concerning us and our circumstances and relationships should always be perfect, then we are setting ourselves up for failure!



KEY TAKE-A-WAYS FROM Chapter 20: “Don’t Make me Wait for anything”

  • Enjoy where you are while you are on your way to where you are going… patience while waiting.

  • Pride prevents patient waiting because the proud person thinks too highly of him/herself.

  • Caution yourself against being idealistic vs realistic


    1. Today’s reading assignment is to read Chapter 20 of the book.

    2. What are your thoughts about perfection and patience? Do you see how these two ideals can conflict?

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  • Liz Prince says:

    When I started the program, I was very impatient. I didn’t know what was going on and why I wasn’t losing as fast as I thought I would. But I kept pressing! I kept talking to myself and pepping myself up. I trusted the process. And when those results started flowing in, it would not stop. I was amazed at how a little patience got me the results I was looking for. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Danielle Irving says:

    I agree that a prideful person impedes their own growth through thinking they are already perfect. Patience is works with the spirit of humility which is where God shows us the most the love. I’ve learned the be Leary of things that come quickly or that you don’t have to work hard for because it typically goes as quickly as it came. If I want my results to stay then I realize I will have to be patience as I whittle down to a healthier me.

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