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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 1 chapter of JOYCE MEYER’s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” each day during APRIL!


The Cliff Notes from today’s reading:
“Chapter 3: Don’t Give Up!


No matter how bad the condition of your life and your mind, don’t give up!!  Don’t be a quitter!  Don’t have that old “give up” spirit. God is looking for people who will go all the way through with HIM!

Are you ready to go all the way through this time???


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you. Isaiah 43:2

The way God helps us is by being with us to strengthen and encourage us to “keep on keeping on” in rough times.

It takes FAITH to go through!!  Do you have it?


2: You have dwelt long enough on this mountain!
The Israelites took 40 years to make what was normally an 11 day trip!  What took them so long?  Having a “wilderness mentality”, thinking negatively about where they are, where they were going, if God was going to help them!??

We urge you TODAY, make a QUALITY decision that you are going to get your mind renewed and learn to choose your thoughts carefully.  Don’t give up until victory is COMPLETE!


KEY TAKE-A-WAYS from Chapter 2: A Vital Necessity

1. Regain your positivity bit by bit! It’s not easy, but piece by piece we can do it!

2. Always lean on GOD’s grace and not your OWN ability!  Stop trying to do this by yourself.

3. Don’t be a quitter! Don’t have that old “give up” spirit. FIGHT IT!!!!!

4.  Stop circling around the same MOUNTAIN / problem / issue! Face it, and deal with it!


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read Chapter 3 of the book  & Deuteronomy 1:6-8.

  2. Review the chapter review above.  Respond in the comments of this post, “Are you like the Israelites?  Are you circling the same mountain and wondering why you can’t stop walking in circles?  Have you REALLY truly made a decision to stop circling NO MATTER WHAT?  What is your mountain?Let’s discuss it divas!!!


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  • Celestine Jackson says:

    I took the time to read and mediate on chapter 3 today..I have to admit…there were/ are times that I want to throw in the towel. Today’s reading made me realize that I have to be conscious and continually renew my mind daily because just like the Israelites..I’ve had times when it seemed as though I was wandering ..it seemed like it took 40 yrs to find my way. Prayer calms my spirit and definitely helps to keep me focused… it blocks all negative thoughts that come my way during the course of the day.

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    There was a time when I was like the Israelites, letting my mind go around in circles, repeating bad behaviors that hindered me emotionally, spiritually and physically. It has taken time, consistent evaluation of myself, willingness to change and most importantly a willingness to seek a relationship with God. Since I have a fully accepted God as my Lord and Savior, reading and studying his word, praying and praising him, my life has changed. That doesn’t mean it is always easy. What it does mean is that he always has me covered and will take care of me.

  • Wanda says:

    Deurontomy 2:3 has been my go to scripture and this chapter made me realize how easy I allow myself back in the wilderness. I am an overcomer!! And knowing that allowas me to turn North!!

  • Joy Jackson says:

    I have been walking around the weight-loss mountain for a long time AND I haven’t given up because I am NOT a quitter. Perhaps if I pray a little harder and STOP trying to do it alone I’ll see results.

  • Delores says:

    Yes, I’ve been like the Israelites trying different diets off and on not realizing that everything begins with the inner self. I would start on a diet just rolling right along and then I would mess up I always felt if I messed up it wasn’t any need for me to keep trying. I can actually say since I’ve join FFF I haven’t given up, I may have fallen off but I’ve never stopped. There are days I don’t want to get up and exercise but then I ask myself ( how do you expect to see change if you don’t make the effort). I was listening to a song today as it ministered to me and this is what received from it. No matter what I think or how I feel about myself, God Keeps Loving Me. So from here on out no more going around in circles I will trust the process and continue to change my mind set and head north.

  • Cheryl Ramsey says:

    My biggest issue is starting many things and finishing few. I am like the Israelites in many ways. I have circled indecisiveness, giving up on things for many years. By God’s grace and mercy I want to complete this challenge and rearrange some things in my life. Thanks for this opportunity-one that meets the physical, mental and spiritual. Blessings to us all.

  • Roeina Porter says:

    I am not going to give up no matter what. I will achieve my fitness goals. God is with me during this process. I do believe that where I am weak he is strong and he holds me up. FAITH to move mountains, or fat.

  • Danie Irving says:

    There have been certain times in my life that I have circled the mountain….especially as it pertains to fitness. I get excited, I get focused, I achieve goals, life gets busy and I look around and I’m eating/sleeping poorly again. I’ve learned that I have to create a plan that is “busy proof”. I need to plan ahead for what Im going to do if life gets busy. I need to use my time wisely as much as I can to try and avoid getting into a time crunch. And most importantly when the best laid plans are derailed I have to make better choices and not let up or give myself a “break” which means a cheat which turns in a cycle of of cheats. I’m not giving up on me because I know how important I am to me and to those who love me.

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