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By July 1, 2015March 17th, 2018Sparkle Inspiration
35lbs lost in 15 weeks, mainted for over a year

35lbs lost in 15 weeks, mainted for over a year

As many of you know I started my weight loss journey a year ago; losing 35 pounds in 15 weeks, and keeping it off for more than a year now! (see my pic above) So, uhhhhh, “Why did you do the ULTIMATE RESET, you were already at your goal”? Welp, what you may not know, is that I struggle with constipation, belly bloat, and GAS constantly.  Lord, my poor family, LOL! Some days my stomach would look like the picture on the left above, while others it would like I’m going into labor. lol 🙁 So, while I was proud of my weight loss, I didn’t feel I always looked fit because of my “gut issues”.   Shakeology definitely helped me to have better “movement”, but it seems, try as I might, I could not completely resolve this issue!  It seemed so unpredictable!!! I have tried everything:

  • a colonic – seemed to remove waste, but belly returned to bloat days later
  • a colonoscopy – they found no issues completely healthy
  • a CT scan of my intestines – again no issues, looked amazingly healthy
  • allergy testing – NEGATIVE

Truly, it felt like I had to live with the frequent bouts of bloat and gas; which seemed to show up for no reason at all! Well it was Beachbody products that helped me lose the 35 pounds; and over the past year I have helped 100’s of women do the same.  I trust Beachbody and their products, know first hand, THEY WORK!! So when I learned of THE ULTIMATE RESET I truly felt it was heavan sent. I couldn’t wait to try it!  A program that focuses on a wholistic health from the inside out?  With the possible benefits of improved  “GUT HEALTH”. I thought to myself, I’m so on it, I’ve got to try it!!!!  So I did!! And let me tell you, I have learned so much from the program, there’s just no way I can sum it up in one blog post.  So for now, I will show you my results.  In the coming weeks, I will continue to share with you what I have learned during my 21 day journey of no workouts, but only a complete focus on meal prep with whole foods -NOTHING PROCESSED-, hydration, and the wonderful supplements that seem to have helped me Reset my GI tract!!

Beachbody has done it again for me! I’m such a geeky fan… I will be doing The Ultimate Reset 2-3 times yearly from now on!!!

If you are interested in trying the Ultimate Reset with my team. Please leave your email in the comments! We offer the program at a discount and our 1:1 support is FREE!!! So glad I did it!!! Who’s next?image3 image2 image1


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