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Marching into Spring Time Confident!

By March 4, 2018March 17th, 2018Be Inspired, Divas Who Pray, Uncategorized

Happy Sunday Divas!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and even if it came with a few challenges along the way… you made to Sunday. 😉 

Sooo what happened to February? It was just here a minute ago… 😆 LOL! 


Happy Birthday To All of Our March Divas!!! 

March babies bring with them the beauty of spring, and the gift of cherry blossom trees and colorful tulips. I hope your birthday is as special and wonderful as you are! 🙂 


Speaking of Marching…

With the beginning of a new month, comes a new Fit, Fyne, & Fabulous monthly challenge, “MARCHING into SPRINGtime FAB & FYNE!”

When I first heard the title of this month’s challenge I visualized all these strong, confident and unshaken women marching fiercely into this new month and challenge.


I started looking for a scripture that would get us going and excited about life.

When I ran across Psalms 16:8, I perked up and got a new sense of confidence!

Psalms 16:8 says “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

After reading this scripture,  I actually got excited about life, my future, and everything that God has planned for me (and for you) 😉 .

This scripture gave me that boost of confidence to get up and get busy!


Knowing  our Heavenly Father is with us we can boldly and confidently MARCH into any challenge, adventure, or even trials that might come our way.


Divas, let’s do March with  boldness and confidence in the Lord.

And if you are anything like me, I like having theme songs. Here is an oldie but goodie that might get you MARCHING into SRINGtime with confidence and boldness!

Get Up – by Mary Mary

Divas Let’s Get Up and March into Spring Time!!!


Dear Heavenly Father,
We are so grateful for new seasons, not just in the weather but also new seasons in life.  Thank you for the opportunity to connect, grow and experience everything March will bring us.

Please help us to always be connected to you as we go about each day. Your Word says with You by our side, we will not be shaken.

And if at any point we stray from You and the path you have prepared for us, please lovingly guide us back to you.

Help us to remember with You nothing is impossible, we can do all things through You, and with You on our side we will not be shaken.

Help us to MARCH into this spring with boldness and confidence as we do your will and live each day with gratitude and grace.


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