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You’ve heard of a vision board, but have you heard of a 

A motivation wall is a space in your home, office, or any place really, that you use to motivate you to execute your vision!  While, the vision board, on the other hand, helps you to articulate your vision.  Personally, I think they are both needed!!

So, while the vision board is obviously motivational, it doesn’t really help you on those days, you just don’t FEEL like being a vision chaser!!!  Let’s be honest, some days, we see that vision board, and say, “Not Today”!

That’s where your motivation wall comes in!! You create it with your weaknesses in mind, NOT just your vision!  So let’s get started on how to create one!  It’s so super easy divas!!


  1. Your motivation wall should be somewhere you can you see it daily; without having to look for it!  You can have a motivation wall at home, work, gym locker, car, where ever you feel you need the motivation!  You don’t have to have just 1! You can have as many as you need to help you push through those OLD HABITS and CREATE NEW POSITIVE ONES!!!

    Your motivation wall, doesn’t have to actually be a wall, it can be a mirror, it can be a door, it can be a kitchen cabinet or even a fridge.Create your “wall” in a space where you will see it daily, and if possible, where you struggle the MOST!!!


  2. Now that you found the perfect location(s) for your motivation wall, grab the supplies you will need to succeed. For your basic wall, all you need is post it notes, and a marker!  But if you want to get more fancy, you can include an actual swim suit goal, a count down calendar, pictures of your current body or your goal body!  The list is endless.


  3. Now that you have your space and your materials, it’s time to get creating!!!  You can do it all at once or you can build it over time.  It’s far more fun to build it over time divas!  Start with one quote you love!  Write it on sticky note and add it to your space.  Come up with a name for your wall.  Like “Twy’s Fit Girl Motivation” or “Nicole’s Waist Snatching Mantras” are two cute examples, or just call it “MY MOTIVATION WALL!!!”

    If you are in our 30 day challenges, I recommend you stay connected to the group, read the posts, read the daily inspiration, if something touches your heart and you find great motivation from it, WRITE IT DOWN and add it to your wall!!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an actual wall, if you want to have something mobile that can stay with you, grab a notebook, and jot down ONLY motivation in it!!

That’s it’s divas, this inspiration is so simple, but could also be so empowering!!! If you plan to make a motivation space / wall, please leave a comment below, share with us your plans!!!

If you have questions, comments or more suggestions to offer about this inspiration project, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Feel free to share this fitness inspiration project!!


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