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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 1 chapter of JOYCE MEYER’s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” each day during APRIL!

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The Cliff Notes from today’s reading:
“Chapter 12: 

Anxiety & worry attacks our mind to distract us from serving our Father with an entire heart.  If we are so focus on the situation we can fulfill our purpose. They steal our peace and weaken our faith so we are stuck in the moment and cannot move forward. 


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To cause or feel anxious, distressed or trouble. To torment oneself with disturbing thoughts. 
The devil uses worry to attack the mind by keeping it busy with the wrong kind of thinking and given us a sense things will not get better.

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  • Your life is greater (vs.25)
  • You are more valuable than a bird (vs.26)
  • You gain nothing by worrying (vs.27)
  • Be anxious about nothing (vs.28-30)
  • Therefore don’t worry (vs. 31)
  • Seek God, Not Gifts (vs. 32,33)
  • Take it one day at a time (vs. 34)

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Stop worrying if God will come through. Just trust that He will inHis timing. He promised to never fail or forsake us!

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1. “It is absolutely impossible to worry and live in peace at the same time” – Joyce Meyers

2. Seek God’s face and not His Hand!

3. God will and actually has met all of our needs. He is just manifesting it at different times. He will never disappoint us: He is faithful.


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read Chapter 12 of the book only. 

  2. What is one thing you are currently worrying about? Are you truly ready to release it to God!

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  4. Share this post! Let’s encourage our family and friends to WIN THE WAR IN OUR MENTAL BATTLEFIELD with us!!

It is absolutely impossible to worry and live in peace at the same time -Joyce Meyer Click To Tweet

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  • Liz Prince says:

    You know I totally agree that it is impossible to worry and live in peace at the same time. I just wonder why we still do it. I am guilty as charged. God has the final say on everything, so I don’t know why I choose to worry. I am going to start getting my life! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Verlinzia Lashay says:

    OMG!!!… I said these very words of doubt to myself this morning “it doesn’t seem like I am losing any weight… I still feel a little bloated… my results aren’t going to be significant on Saturday”… BUT because of this book, I tell you, that I changed my thinking right away. I said “trust the process… YOU are not everyone else… YOU are uniquely and wonderfully made… stop comparing yourself and worrying”.

    I am always subconsciously worrying about stuff but yet I say I trust GOD… I want to be able to live in peace no matter what is going on in my life. So like Liz said, “I am going to start getting my life”.

    • Danielle Irving says:

      I love your transparency! You will receive everything He has for you so long as you empty out worry and open your arms to receive it. Go head on and walk in your victory!

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    It is not until I stopped and evaluated myself based on this question that I realize that I am a worrier. I worry about my children, if I’m doing enough in changing my eating and excerise habits, will I have enough to pay these taxes, after I pay the taxes will I have enough for the vacation to Disney World. You see I seem to find things to worry about. Yet at the same time I confess that I believe in God and that I have faith, but my thoughts and actions show something totally different. Wow, working on me – mind, body and soul will not be easy, but I must turn to the Lord and let it go. I need to take advice from my God daughter “let it go, let it go” as she walks around singing the song from Frozen.

  • Danielle Irving says:

    I worry about my middle son Madden! That boy is a piece of work and always in trouble. I already know that I need to trust that God will protect him from this world that he thinks he can conquer and himself.

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