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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 1 chapter of JOYCE MEYER’s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” each day during APRIL!

chapter 1

The Cliff Notes from today’s reading:

The Devil knows what we like and what we don’t like. He knows our insecurities, our weaknesses and our fears. He is willing to invest any amount of time it takes to defeat us.  One of the devil’s strong points is patience. 

Through careful strategy and cunning deceit, Satan attempts to setup “strongholds” in our mind.


A stronghold is an area in which we are held in bondage due to a certain way of thinking.  The devil argues with us; he offers us theories and reasonings. All of this activity goes on in the mind.

The mind is the battlefield between you and the devil.




1. We are engaged in a war, our enemy is Satan, and our mind is the battlefield.

2. The devil works diligently to set up strongholds in our mind.

3. He does it through strategy and deceit (well-laid plans & deliberate deception).  He is in no hurry, he takes no time and works out his plan.

4.  Thank God we have weapons to tear down strongholds.  God is on our side.  God is fighting for us


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read Chapter 1 of the book only. 

  2. Watch the video above (as much as time permits).  Respond in the comments, “Do you feel Joyce is right?  Is there a Spiritual Warfare with the devil thru your thoughts, especially as it relates to your weight loss goals? Or, are your negative thoughts (the ones that are holding you back) your own, and self inflicted, you are just weak for food and relaxing vs exercising?

    ohhhhh, let’s talk about it sisters!

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  • Danielle Irving says:

    I agree the mind is where the enemy attacks. Although he attacks in my mind I have to speak to him out loud for him to flee. If the thoughts are negative or against the goals I’ve set I know it’s the enemy and that’s my trigger to take action to fight. The devil wants me to be too busy to meal prep. I have to remember that prepping healthy foods helps to take good care of my temple!

  • Delores says:

    Joyce is right, I find myself going back and forth about exercising and eating healthy some days are harder than other. So I have to remind myself. ” if I want change I have to do something different” this helps me to push through.

    Our body is Gods temple and we need to take care of it.

  • Roeina Porter says:

    I agree that when it comes to my fitness goals I will start off strong then allow my thoughts to cause me to railroad the progress that I have accomplished. I am prepared in this challenge to use the weapons of warfare to destroy strongholds. I am going to be healthy and fit. There is no temptation to strong that I can’t overcome with God.

  • Tyne King-Daugherty says:

    She is ABSOLUTELY right!!!! I have been in a BATTLE for a very long time, and I have finally began to defeat it little by little when I started the first Challenge in January…… Even before reading the introduction and watching the video, I decided that I was not going to let Satan win!!!!! I have done well with my meal preps, but I am truly in a battle when in comes to exercising…. I do have health issues, yet I have allowed Satan to convince me that I can’t do more when I know that I can…… I have allowed his tricks to convince me that I am too busy, my back is not strong enough, or I am just too tired but my BATTLE HAS ENDED!!!! I conquered my prepping and eating healthy battle and I am going to conquer this exercise BATTLE as well!!!!!

  • Angela McCall-Brown says:

    When I read this, I highlighted it in my book–The Devil knows what we like and what we don’t like. He knows our insecurities, our weaknesses and our fears. He is willing to invest any amount of time it takes to defeat us. One of the devil’s strong points is patience.
    I think at times we underestimate the devil, and as Joyce talked about the devil is looking for us to be unbalanced and its so easy for this to happen with all the expectations we have at home, in our families, and at our jobs.

  • Wennifer Cameron says:

    Strongholds are REAL! I’m actually in a bad emotional place and am trying to fake it until I make it but I want to be genuine in where I am at. Depression has reared its ugly head and is trying to stop me from becoming fit(physically,emotionally and mentally)I know that it is just a trick of the enemy but I feel as though I’m in the fight of my life. In fitness and with my diet. I have to work hard because it is too easy to become complacent and listen to the voices that say I will never be nothing more than I am. I will be balanced and the stinking thinking will be gone .

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    I think it is a combination of Satan attacking my mind, along with my negative thoughts holding me back. Satan plants the seed and I let the seed grab ahold and grow. Reading this book, listening to the videos and making time to study and live by God’s I can conquer the battle for my mind, spirit, body and soul.

  • Strongholds…we’ve all got them. As it pertains to my weight loss journey I have a tendency to allow the enemy to make me think a certain food is good and justify my actions. An example…I used to drink diet sodas all the time. When challenging I don’t. Now I very rarely have the desire to drink one but every now and then a seed to drink one is planted and I’ll drink one. Now what’s interesting…I give in and sure enough 2 things always happens…. It taste horrible ( it’s never as good as you think or remember it tasting) and I end up throwing it away. Knowing this.. why do I continue to give in?? Reading chapter 1 has definitely given me some useful tools to implement to resist these types of temptations.

  • Christal McCall says:

    I totally agree with Joyce. I know that the devil knows my goals and he tries daily to pull me away from not only my goals but the people who can hold me accountable for my choices. In my life, I see the devil tries to attack when I am truly not able to push. It is in those moments that I have to push beyond my feelings, rebuke him and continue pushing. I enjoy working out, but I realize that when life becomes stressful, I enjoy resting more. Another tactic used to keep me away from reaching and achieving my goals.

  • Shiela Addis says:

    Two words really stood out in chapter ONE.. Praise and Prayer.. Meyer talks about how Praise defeats the devil quicker than any other battle plan, but it must be a genuine heart praise. So many times we talk to ourselves and say, we can do it, but we DON’T really believe it… Praise yourself and believe from your heart that you can do it.

  • Wanda Patten says:

    I certainly agree with Dr. Myers. We are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts which encourage negative patterns of behavior. I have a tendency of allowing satan to lure me into places of procrastination and complacency. I have claimed victory over my weight loss challenges and every other challenge in my life because I know in Jesus I am more than a conqueror.

  • Lakeisha Miller says:

    I truly agree with Joyce Meyers in that the mind is a battleground and our thoughts are constantly being attacked by the enemy. I have struggled with my thought pattern for years due to constant failures especially when it comes to weight loss and food. I know that the enemy knows and pays attention to what can defeat me the most and that’s attacking my mind and physical body. I have read this book years ago and now being reminded of the strongholds in my life brings a new challenge and motivation in me. I know Jesus loves me and desires for me to fight for my life therefore, I AM well able to conquer and fight for what God has given to me. This is an awesome assignment given through Fit Fyne and Fabulous.

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