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WHERE WE WILL REVIEW 1 chapter of JOYCE MEYER’s book, “The Battlefield of the Mind” each day during APRIL!


The Cliff Notes from today’s reading:
“Chapter 5: Be Positive!

Positive Minds produce positive lives. Negative minds produce negative lives.  Positives thoughts are always full of faith and hope.  Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt.

Practice being positive in each situation that arises. Even if whatever is taking place in your life at the moment is not so good, expect God to bring good out of it, as he has promised in HIS word!



Romans 8:28 is such a powerful scripture! Take the time to read it and meditate on it!  The idea is that we must learn to become the kind of person who plans things but who doesn’t fall apart if that plan doesn’t work out.

You could be irritable because things don’t workout the way you planned or you could adjust yourself to the situation and go ahead and remain in “joy” regardless!

This concept of “readily adjusting ourselves” to problems as shared in Romans 12:16 by Paul is worth noting! Praise God for the shifting!



2: A New Day! – 2 Corinthians 5:17
You don’t have to allow the old things that happened to you to keep affecting your life.  Good things are going to happen!! Rejoice, it is a new day!

3: Facing the Truth… Are you Negative?
The hardest part is acknowledging that you truly are a negative person!  Face the truth (if you are) and say “I’m negative, and I want to change. I can’t change myself, but I believe GOD will change me as I trust Him. I know it will take time, and I’m going to get discouraged with myself.” Ask the Holy Spirit to CONVICT you and stop CONDEMNING yourself! Lean on Him, don’t think I can handle this myself. 


KEY TAKE-A-WAYS from Chapter 5: Be Positive

1. Be positive even through negative situations!

2. Every Day is a chance to START AGAIN!  Start anew!

3. It’s important, VERY important, to realize negativity in yourself. Ask GOD for help. Lean on him

4.  No matter how negative you are or how long you’ve been that way, you can change because so many of us have!!  It takes time but it’s worth it diva.


  1. Today’s reading assignment is to read Chapter 5 of the book.

  2. Review the chapter review above.  Respond in the comments of this post, “Be honest! Are you a negative Nelly?  Not in all things but in certain situations, like maybe your weight loss battle. Or how about how you feel about your body?  Have you be dwelling in the land of the negative when it comes to your outlook on  yourself and your body?  After reading this chapter, how can you change? Are you ready to change?Let’s discuss it divas!!!

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  • Celestine Jackson says:

    It’s true…you are what you think. That’s why I have to make a daily effort not allow negative thoughts to become seeds and root/ grow in my mind. I try to keep a positive attitude and surround myself with people who attempt to do the same thing. ” Positive minds produce positive lives.”

  • Danie Irving says:

    I have always been a positive person. People have come to look for me the the joy in their despair, but never did I stop to consider that I am sooo negative when it comes to ME! I dont even take compliments well. I will almost argue with people who are trying to tell me something good about myself. I have never thought about this until today. I’m ready to share the positivity that I willing share with others with MYSELF. Who am I to argue with God? He didnt make a mistake when he made me, so I need to love who he made me and commit to taking good care of the temple he gave me. I love this topic! Thanks Coach Twy and Joyce Meyers for helping me to see me today.

  • Roeina says:

    Overall, I don’t think that I am a negative person. But, I must say that I am negative on certain areas of my life, of course my body. I don’t have the perfect body. But, I must appreciate where I am at physically and continue to work towards my goals. I will start fresh every day finding the beauty in me where I am now. Because I am beautiful regardless of my size.

  • Samantha says:

    I too am a lot like Danie… I am the life of the party… the counsel for many… but am quite negative with myself. The notes have me thinking. Wth am I doing. Why am I so unforgiving to me? I have been working on my mindset since Christmas… this topic has rejuvenated me to continue. Lord use me and work through me. Teach me to call in love with myself and to truly appreciate the person you have made me to be. Thanks #coachtwy #coachcel #tiffanygreenwood

    • Danielle Irving says:

      I don’t know why we build others up and tear ourselves down but we can turn it around and learn to love who we see in the mirror

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