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7 Days Yoga & Meal Prep: Day 3 – YOGA BEGINS

By December 25, 2017December 26th, 20217 Days of Yoga & Meal Prep, Yoga For Divas


Ready to begin?
This is a great opportunity to spend the next 7 days grounded, centered, and ready to live your best week this year yet!


How the Challenge Works

Welcome to the first day of the challenge.  Today I will introduce a short breathing practice to help ground you and calm your mind.  On days 2-6 of the challenge, I will Introduce one new yoga pose.  And on day 7, I will put the week’s poses together along with the breath exercise and a meditation to form a short but complete practice.  

Each day of the challenge you will practice the pose of the day.  You can extend your daily  practice by adding the pose from the previous day or you can decide to do one pose a day.  On the 7th day, you will practice the week’s full sequence.    


Your Daily Diva Yoga Assignment:

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Practice the poses and techniques as instructed in the video.
  3. Post in our private Facebook group a pic of you doing one of the poses OR you on your yoga mat (Join the Group)
  4. When posting your picture share how the pose made you feel.
  5. Tag Stephanie Perry-Bush when you post and use hashtag #yogafordivas when posting about yoga. (this helps us find the yoga posts easily)
  6. Click the video below to get started (if you haven’t already) on today’s challenge.

You can practice anytime of the day that is convenient. 

Remember to allow 3-4 hours after a large meal and 2 hours after a light meal before practicing yoga.  


 Enjoy your Practice!


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